Tora, the Hair Molesting Cat of Clarksville

Song Lyric of the Day:

Life’s like a road that you travel on / When there’s one day here and the next day gone / Sometimes you bend sometimes you stand / Sometimes you turn your back to the wind

Tom Cochrane / “Life is a Highway”

I just got a lovely hair massage from Vanessa and Ken’s cat, Tora. Seems he finds my freshly-washed, styled hair intoxicating. As I was relaxing in the recliner, Tora was nuzzling his nose in my hair, putting his paws on my head, and rubbing his cheeks against my head. Strange as it sounds, it was actually kind of relaxing.

I arrived here in Clarksville yesterday at around 2:00. The drive was nice in that all the traffic was heading back towards Knoxville for the UT game. I met Vanessa at the BP near her neighborhood and followed her back to the house. Vanessa, Ken, and I promptly went to the nearby Arby’s for a late lunch. They then took me by Brent’s apartment to see where he lives. Brent’s out of town right now but gave his ok for me to get a tour; his cat, Bugsy, is staying here at their house right now. We then went by Hollywood Video to rent horror movies to watch. Vanessa’s selection was “Urban Legends: Bloody Mary“, a straight-to-DVD release. My selection was “The St. Francisville Experiment.” We came home for a little while, hung around and talked, then headed out to dinner at El Toro Mexican Restaurant.

After dinner we went home, hung out and talked some more. When Ken went to pack for his business trip (he leaves today), Vanessa and I started watching our horror movie rentals. “Urban Legends” wasn’t completely awful, but it wasn’t great, either. At least it had a couple of scares. My movie selection, on the other hand…well, run–don’t walk–if you see this movie sitting on the shelf at your local friendly video store. We fast-forwarded through it so it only took about 20 minutes to get through, it was so bad. We started watching “Valentine” but only got about a half hour in before we tired out and went to sleep at 2AM. I slept terribly on account of forgetting my Trazodone at home and being inspected by the cats like I was a museum exhibit, but managed to fall asleep close to 5AM. Here’s hoping I sleep better tonight.

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  1. True story….Curry and I rented “Bloody Mary” while we were at the beach!…It was everything you said it was and less..I thought Brent and I were the only ones who picked horror movies based on cover art…go figure….

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