Pardon the Interruption

Song Lyric of the Day:

Beware / I bear more grudges / Than lonely high court judges / When you sleep / I will creep/ Into your thoughts / Like a bad debt

Morrissey / “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”

I was in the process of updating my blog last night (even commenting throughout the Emmy telecast) when–bam!–the power went out. As it happened, it went out immediately after Rich and I saw an orange-yellow flash behind the trees across the street. We’re talking a spaceship-must-have-just-crash-landed-holy-shit-the-whole-sky-lit-up kind of flash. Caleb hauled ass downstairs, because if that dog knows one thing, it’s that the electricity is not supposed to shut itself off. Certainly not everything in the house and the whole neighborhood at the same time.

A minute after Rich said, “What the fuck was that?” the power blinked back on. Okay, we had power again. Good. A minute after it came back on–bam!–there was that creepy, end-of-the-world-is-upon-us flash again. This time I called 911 to report a possible fire and/or crash (we’d heard a weird, unidentifiable noise before each outage). I told the dispatcher that yes, we had power at the moment, and asked if I should call KUB instead. He told me not to, that he’d send a car out our way to check it out. I hung up and Rich and I continued lighting candles, just in case. We heard voices outside and walked down the driveway to see if we ran into any of our neighbors; it seems others had seen the flash and were also wondering if we should start to panic. Deciding to go ahead and call it a night, we headed back inside. Rich had just filled the dogs’ water bowl and I had a flashlight in hand when–bam!–that creepy flash and a third power outage. We pretty much hightailed it downstairs for the night after that.

And that’s why I haven’t finished my weekend posts. Which I plan on doing tomorrow night after work, since I have plenty to write about, as the last few days have seen the gamut:

  • a lunch outing that involved attempted B&E (that would be me) and the fire department
  • Yum Yum’s movie debut
  • Samantha’s bridal shower
  • demolition of our Florida room
  • Vanessa’s birthday

As you can guess, I’m wiped. Which is great timing, since I finally have an appointment at the Baptist Sleep Institute tomorrow (I’ve had to reschedule about four times). The last several weeks have seen my insomnia rearing its ugly head, with me waking up at least three times a night, the first time only two or three hours after I first fall asleep. I’m essentially the walking, talking epitome of “tired of being tired” right now. It would be great if the doctor could just wave a magic wand that will grant me endless nights of quality sleep and the wonderful feeling of being rested for once. I can hope.

4 thoughts on “Pardon the Interruption

  1. I know why you couldn’t sleep last night-they were probing you! I miss you already. Don’t let the aliens get you!

  2. I’ve been checking your blog for a new post lately……I look forward to your critique of the VMAs….I thought it was a dreadful production…..With the possible exception of the Ok Go performance, which was inspired. The rest was crap……What is a “music video”, anyway?

  3. What happened to the update about:
    1) a lunch outing that involved attempted B&E (that would be me) and the fire department
    2) Yum Yum’s movie debut
    3) Samantha’s bridal shower
    4) demolition of our Florida room
    5)Vanessa’s birthday

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