The Woman With the Sleeping Brain

Song Lyric of the Day:

I was so lost back then / But with a little help from my friends / I found a light in the tunnel at the end / Now you’re calling me up on the phone / So you can have a little whine and a moan

Lily Allen / “Smile”

Holy hell, I’m tired. I had a horrific nightmare last night that lasted the entire night, so I feel like I didn’t get any sleep. No sooner would I wake up only to fall back asleep and right back into the nightmare. I don’t know how I made it through work today without passing out at my desk. Early to bed for me tonight.

Oddly enough, my nightmare wasn’t a direct result of watching a couple of horror movies with my sisters this weekend. I’m pretty sure the whole point of Saw III was to showcase the goriest, most disgusting horror movie deaths imaginable. In that regard, I’ve gotta say the movie is a resounding success; it’s been a while since I’ve watched more than 50 percent of a movie with my eyes half-covered. And while nauseous.

The Grudge 2 wasn’t as bad as I’d heard it was. It managed to actually scare me several times, whereas Saw III had me wanting to throw up several times. Regardless of the movies, I had a blast hanging out with my sisters. It was quality time that was sorely needed.

And now it’s almost 8PM — time for me to join my eclass chat.

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  1. I had a really great time too. I missed you and I can’t wait to move home. I really needed the quality time too ( after the week I had ) .

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