A Not-At-All-Manic Monday

Song Lyric of the Day:

Llevarte al espacio sideral / Y volar como lo hace Superman…

Jesse & Joy
/ “Espacio Sideral

Not a whole lot happened today. My biggest accomplishment for the day was giving a friend a CD I made. I say accomplishment because my friend really enjoyed the CD, admitting that although I picked songs and artists she never would’ve picked, she loved them anyway. I tried to create a good flow for the CD, with the majority of songs bridging a melancholy-but-hopeful edge. The playlist:

She’s one of a small group of us at work who try to introduce each other to new music. Sometimes we copy albums for each other (Back to Black by Amy Winehouse, OK Go, Supreme Beings of Leisure, are a few I’ve shared), sometimes we make mixed CDs of songs we think the others will like. I led off with “Brighter Discontent” by The Submarines because my friend, and one of our other CD/music sharing friends, loved it when I sent them a link of the scene from Nip/Tuck that used the song (I can’t find an actual video of the song).

Aside from working (v. busy), that was my day today. A friend did send me this funny YouTube video that’s essentially 300 meets The Office. Behold The 305:

And reading Pop Candy today, I followed the link in this post for this awesome “Mr. Roboto”-scored The Office montage:

I have to say, whoever put this video together is an awesome editor.

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