A Good Friday the 13th

Song Lyric of the Day:

When I was young and moving fast / Nothing slowed me down, oh, slowed me down / Now, I let the others pass

The Black Keys / “Tighten Up

Blogging Note: You’ll see a deluge of posts I wrote over the last few days. I held off on posting them while I tweaked the blog layout a bit. What can I say? I’m a bit OCD that way.

Today was my followup appointment to my hospital stay. The good: I can resume light activities. As in sitting on my tochus and sorting papers — in my home office versus on the couch. The bad: I am apparently still having mild contractions, although the doctor thinks they’re Braxton Hicks contractions. (And, no, I’m still not feeling them.) The ugly: I’m still not cleared to go back to work. I have another appointment early next week, so we’ll see what they clear me for after that.

What does this mean for my weekend plans? Basically that I can at least indulge my need to organize something, most likely my home office. Rich will be at the A-frame most of the weekend, so at least I can make myself a bit more useful around the new house than I’ve been in days. And even though the doctor said I can start taking on some light activities, I’m determined to not overdo it, which I know I can easily do if I let myself get carried away at being productive again. Because squee — I get to DO SOMETHING. Something that’s not just sitting on the couch, surfing the Web or watching everything on our DVR. Now to choose that something very carefully.

TiVo viewing for the last two days: half a White Collar, three and a half eps of Hex, and half an ep of Law & Order: SVU.


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5 Responses to A Good Friday the 13th

  1. Marion Westerling

    When are we going to see pics of the new house?

  2. Marion Westerling

    When are we going to see pics of the new house?

  3. pattie74

    As soon as the old house sells, I'll post pics of the new one. 🙂

  4. Jessica

    Hi! I've been thinking about you lately! I'm glad to hear you and the little one are doing well. I hope that the dr gives you the all clear later this week. Just think it's only a temporary hiccup and you can hold it above her head when she gets older. Hang in there!

  5. pattie74

    Thanks, Jessica! I'm hanging in there. And you know I'm going to tell her all about this someday. 🙂

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