Tiny Hats and Child-Sized Glasses

Song Lyric of the Day:

All around my hat i will wear the green willow / And all around my hat for a twelve month and a day / And if any one should ask me the reason why i’m wearing it / It’s all for my true love who’s far, far away

Steeleye Span / “All Around My Hat

I meant to post much earlier in the day, but I got brave, mustered up some energy (bedrest pretty much sucks the life out of you), and headed out to run errands today. Anyone who knows me knows I’m really antsy to get out if I voluntarily head to the supermarket. Grocery shopping ranks on my list of least-favorite things to do, right after making phone calls and taking my dogs to the vet to get their bums squeezed. But out I ventured into the heat with my on-the-fritz car AC, which is why I passed out on the couch pretty much as soon as I got back. I’ve mastered the art of the couch nap, even timing it for when the dogs are down for their afternoon naps. Since it’s impossible to sleep when the boys are all “rawr-rawr-RAWR-WOOFWOOFWOOFAROOOOOOO” (OK, that’s mostly Troubadour) when they wrestle or fight over toys.

“He Stole My Seahorse!” from Patricia Lee on Vimeo.

As for yesterday’s followup appointment, I’m thrilled to announce that nothing is physically wrong with Coraline. It seems that the poor kid has just inherited her mother’s small head. As my high-risk OB put it, “I look to the parents, and, well, you don’t have the biggest head, you know.” So now my little girl will face the same hat issues I’ve had my whole life: baseball caps always need to be set on the smallest setting possible, I only wear hats in winter out of desperation and a need for warmth, and I generally look like a toothpick balancing a giant mushroom cap anytime I put on a hat. Fortunately, her intercranial development looks great — great brain development, great bloodflow. Which is good, since she’ll have to use her smarts to learn how to deal with her genetic inability to look trendy in hats.

Something she might find more amusing than her noggin’s inability to support a hat is that, even today, I can wear children’s eyeglasses. And they fit perfectly. The price of a pair of children’s glasses is always significantly cheaper than adult glasses, too. Were it not for that Dora the Explorer logo emblazoned on the lenses and arms, I’d buy a pair for myself.

And guess what — I finally got cleared to go back to work. On Monday. With breaks every three hours. Here’s to being paroled from house arrest!

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