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Song Lyric of the Day:
So tired, so tired, so tired / So take me home / It’s getting late for me / I’ll come if you wait for me / Let’s get out of this place

Basement Jaxx / “Take Me Back to Your House

This week is wearing me out (hence this nocturnal blog post). As I mentioned the other day, being back at work is exhausting. And last night I went with Rich to help finish cleaning the A-frame. Which is why today my feet and ankles are swollen and I’m back to looking like a Puerto Rican Hobbit.

Anyhoo, I digress. The house is looking fab, if I say so myself. Rich and our awesome contractor, B., (to be named at a later date when we can share him with the world) have spent countless hours busting their asses working on the A-frame. Along the way, we’ve had help from family and friends, with my awesome father-in-law putting in almost as much time as Rich and B. have. So here are a few photos from the MLS listing.

Master bedroom: fresh paint, all-new lighting, wood-burning fireplace
Kitchen: new microwave/range hood over range
Kitchen: tons of cabinets and countertop surface

Living room: wood-burning fireplace with new screen, mountain view from windows, stripped carpet to reveal finished hardwood floors*
Living room: spiral stairs to loft; carpet removed from stairs*, steps stained and finished
Living room: UV-film-protected windows and stained glass

Loft view of the living room below
Loft: view from the back wall
Loft within the loft: new lighting

Keep in mind that the house has three full (and one half) baths, all three of which were completely remodeled. Actually, the bathrooms got the bulk of the remodeling. Go figure — now that we’re in our new house, the A-frame finally has my dream master bath. At least it’ll soon (God willing) be the dream master bath for new owners.

*Other than cleaning and minor tasks suitable for a pregnant woman, I yanked thousands of staples out of the living room floor and spiral stairs. And the main staircase leading from the first to the second floor, too. I couldn’t do a whole lot of intensive physical labor (obviously), but I was like the Shake ‘n’ Bake girl: “And I helped!”

Pregnant lady driven mad by home improvement. No husband was harmed during the taking of this photo.

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