Finally Got LinkedIn

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No one else / Will help us to get through / So by ourselves / We’ll know just what to do
Hoobastank / “Connected

After a couple of years of receiving invitations to join my friends’ networks, I finally drank the Kool-Aid and created a profile on LinkedIn (my first connection: Marjie). Aside from adding to my social media experience, my main goal in finally giving in is that a profile and connections will help me score creative freelance writing jobs. I say freelance because I’m quite happy with my actual job. So much so that I let my boss know I was creating a profile in the hopes of generating freelance work, lest she think I’m looking for another full-time job; she’s even one of my connections now. Besides, my actual other full-time job, Coraline, is one of the reasons I want to finally start freelancing. Extra money can’t hurt when you’ve got a baby, after all.

I’d love to get freelance creative writing jobs, although if the right technical writing gig came along I’d certainly consider it. After years of writing resumes professionally and working for government contractor after government contractor, I’ve realized my heart lies with creative, not technical, writing. Although I’m definitely good with the technical stuff. Creative is just more fun. I actually tweeted the other day asking if I should list my blog as my website; someone responded that since my writing here is indicative of my writing style I should definitely link to it. What do you think? It’s not like I can share my tech writing samples — the resumes have too many identifying characteristics (clients’ entire professional histories laid out in detail) and, well, the contractors aren’t too big on the sharing of things.

As of today, I’ve completed a little more than half of my profile. I guess next I have to really outline what I hope a LinkedIn profile will do for me and to keep making professional connections. Anyone else out there on LinkedIn? What are you using it for, and has it helped? I’m crossing my fingers it’ll help me achieve some of my goals.

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