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One Year Gone

Song Lyric of the Day: Oh the tree of life is growing / Where the spirit never dies / And the bright light of salvation / Shines in dark and empty skies Bob Dylan / “Death Is Not the End“ … Continue reading

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Photoblogging: Snowy Day in Knoxville

Troubadour plays rope keepaway with Caleb. Troubadour corners on a dime. Standoff between the boys Happy wonders why her little brothers are such dorks. My little boy Snow-covered trees Snowy branches Watching the snow from the screened-in porch.

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Tiny Hats and Child-Sized Glasses

Song Lyric of the Day: All around my hat i will wear the green willow / And all around my hat for a twelve month and a day / And if any one should ask me the reason why i’m … Continue reading

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Photoblogging: Obnoxiousness in Triptych

Never let it be said that Caleb is not the most ridiculously patient big brother ever. Troubadour (10 mos. old here) certainly thinks so.

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Tuesday 10: The Good & Bad of Adopting a New Dog

The Good: Three dog night* Improved exercise program for the cats (fleeing-intensive) Female influence = Slightly restored civility of the barbarian boy dogs Enjoying seeing her reaction to new experiences and people More unconditional love to go around The Bad: … Continue reading

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Photoblogging: Sharing

Troubadour and Caleb partake of Troubadour’s birthday cake in honor of his 1st birthday.

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Song Lyric of the Day: But they tell me / I’ll be fine / That it will all get better / Just try to write it down / Or put it in a letter / But the words won’t play … Continue reading

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Trapped in the Stairwell

Trapped in the Stairwell from Patricia Lee on Vimeo. Seven o’clock in the eveningAnd barking from the pup bugs meHe’s stealin’ and hoggin’A new rope that should belong to meAnd papa yells, “Share the rope, Caleb,” from the upstairsThen he … Continue reading

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Terror at (My) Two Feet

Song Lyric of the Day: Well I have been quietly standing in the shade / All of my days / Watch the sky breaking on the promise that we made / All of this rain / And I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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Song Lyric of the Day: The moon hides in the sky behind rows of tree tops / And I’m wishing I was somewhere up there / With the mermaids and stars / I run / I run far from / … Continue reading

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