About Me

Name: Patricia Sanchez Lee

Original Hometown:  New York City

Current Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Married Since: 2000 to some guy named Rich

Children: Coraline, 2 ½ years old

Pets: 2 dogs and 2 cats

Occupation(s): mom to Coraline (unpaid but incredibly fulfilling); online copy editor (a paying job and fulfilling); amateur photographer (some people even like my photos); even more amateur blogger (8+ years and still haven’t earned a red cent, but having fun)

Proudest Accomplishment(s): being on course to deliver Coraline naturally until I had to have a last-minute C-section; being a well-regarded word nerd at work; being a supportive (and pretty cool) wife to the spouse; teaching Coraline how to convincingly screech like a monkey

Number of Unpublished Novels in the Works: 2

Number of Unpublished Novels I Need to FINISH: 2

This Blog Started Out As: Pattie’s Pop Culture Paradise

Perfect Day: something involving being paid copious amounts of money for next to no work without having to compromise any of my morals. OK, maybe a couple of morals. OK, maybe a few morals. Alright — it would depend on the money.

Most Unusual Talent(s): ability to remember phone numbers and addresses (mine and others’) from 20+ years ago

Most Unusual Gift Received: Two rolls of nickels. Turns out the spouse was not so good at Christmas stocking stuffers early in our marriage.

Favorite Thing(s) to Buy: books – the good old-fashioned kind printed on PAPER

Favorite Movie(s): When Harry Met Sally …, Young Frankenstein

Internet Therapy:  celebrity gossip (duh); PostSecret

Can’t Shop Without: a really good strategy for making my money stretch as far as humanly possible

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Patty: Got some sad news….Kevin Benner passed last Friday night from cancer. He had been fighting it since 2007. Say a prayer for him.

    Regards, Lee (your old podmate from AMSEC)

    1. Oh, no! That’s awful. He was such a nice guy, and a really good boss. 🙁 I’ll add him and his family to my prayers. Thanks for letting me know, Lee.

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