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Post-Vacation Recovery: 85% Complete

Song Lyric of the Day:

If I could take you away / Pretend I was queen / What would you say / Would you think I’m unreal

Rachel Yamagata / “Be Be Your Love

I’m almost completely recovered from my whirlwind trips through Atlanta and Chattanooga. I’ll write day-by-day recaps later on, when I find the time and hopefully have some pictures to post. You know, since I forgot my camera. Thank God Caren was nice enough to let me use her camera so I could get some shots. I’ll elaborate on the stuff that I Twittered about throughout my vacation, which I don’t think even Rich read. Probably because he didn’t know I was Twittering.

And just like that, I’m back into my usual work-home routine. Although I am now very behind on TiVoed TV shows, thanks to my latest XBox 360 addiction. Damn BioShock.

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Song Lyric of the Day:

The days….have come / Now we…are one / Just take…your time / And then…you’re fine

Common / “The People

I’m finally going on a mini-vacation this week. A much-needed vacation; I’m starting to feel really burned out. And while this vacation is not to the Toronto International Film Festival like I’d hoped to go, it’s a vacation nonetheless, and with a good friend at that. Caren and I are heading to Atlanta to (1) see Mandy Moore in concert, (2) do some damage at IKEA, and (3) blow through Chattanooga on the way home, including seeing Rock City. And, if I can talk her into it and we can find the time, Six Flags Over Georgia. So that’ll be a nice, much-needed break.

As it is, last weekend I went to an amusement park for the first time in almost four years. My sister, Vanessa, wanted to celebrate her birthday by going to Dollywood, so go to Dollywood we did. Tamara and my favorite brother-in-law, Ken, went with us. While Tamara weenied out on a couple of roller coasters, Ken, Vanessa, and I enjoyed getting our asses kicked by the Tennessee Tornado and Mystery Mine. I will go on record as saying that the Mystery Mine is unlike any roller coaster I’ve ever been on. It kicked my ass up and down, and I enjoyed every second of it — both times I rode it.


I’m now on day 19 of the 33 Days of Pattie. I have yet to do anything really memorable, but I’ve been focusing on doing things for me, which has been the whole point. Things have ranged from not having any soda one day (I was caffeine- and sugar-overloaded) to driving somewhere for a solo lunch so I can read my book in peace to playing BioShock for hours on end to singing along OUT LOUD to my iTunes library one night. Of course, Rich wasn’t home, which is why I sang out loud. At least this time Caleb didn’t howl. I also decided to cut a certain someone out of my life (as much as circumstances allow), someone with whom I’d never be friends with had I not met this person when and where I did. I’ll be civil, but I’m not going out of my way to be around this person. Why? Because I decided long, long ago that life is far too short to waste on people I don’t genuinely like, who don’t contribute anything positive to my life. So out they go. And you know what? I feel better already.

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