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Happy Birthday to My Blue-Eyed Boy

Song Lyric of the Day:

Got a flamin’ heart, can’t get my fill / Eyes that shine burning red / Dreams of you all through my head

Led Zeppelin / “Black Dog


Today is Rich’s birthday. I did my best to make his big day special in that I ambushed him at work to decorate (desecrate, if you ask him) his cubicle, made dinner reservations for 15 for a family/friends celebration this weekend, and treated him to dinner at his favorite sushi restaurant, Nama. I even went as far as eating sushi tonight — something I haven’t done in several years. After a delicious appetizer of Wasabi Hummus with naan bread (Caren’s awesome recommendation), I ordered the Crunchy Shrimp rolls (Stacy’s awesome recommendation). Realizing very quickly that I don’t like seaweed, I used my chopsticks to gouge the shrimp and avocado out of the rolls, eating the filling that way and then finishing it off by eating the rice and tempura crispies on the outside of the roll. Impressive, I know. But I at least gave it a go and did in fact eat the majority of the rolls that way.

While at the restaurant, I presented Rich with his birthday present, the Led Zeppelin Complete Studio Recordings box set. I like to think he had a pretty good birthday. I certainly enjoyed helping him celebrate, and I look forward to more big days spent together. I love you, boy.


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