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My Latest Distractions

Song Lyric of the Day:

You can’t stop this, feeling / There’s no escape / No sleep tonight / You won’t get / No sleep tonight

The Faders / “No Sleep Tonight

As a die-hard amateur photographer, I’ve been
enjoying uploading and sharing my photos. Hundreds down, hundreds more to go. It’s been interesting to see some of my photos attract the attention of different groups. Which is why I have photos in a Six Feet Under group, a Steve & Barry’s group, and, my favorite, One of a Kind, which has weekly themes.

The Parody Motivator Generator
Create your own motivational or — more fun — your own unmotivational poster. Just upload a photo, name it, and write your copy. I took a holiday photo of Snoops and turned it into a warning:
I predict I’m going to waste lots more time with Despair, Inc.’s application.

Caren introduced me to this community shopping site. You don’t actually buy items here, but rather organize shopping lists, lists of items you have, get feedback from other users, and, in my case, create visual aids for my perpetual wish list. Now my greediness knows no bounds. You can see all my lists here.

I’ve been on the fence about signing up for Twitter for a while. But, after Caren gave me another nudge, I jumped on the bandwagon. The site asks a simple question: What are you doing? So I use it to comment throughout the day about my typically mundane, often inane, whims. Basically, things that I don’t need to write about here. I imagine Twitter will come in very handy when I’m traveling and don’t have Internet access; this is what I would’ve used when I was stuck on that plane if I hadn’t found that Wi-Fi signal.

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