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TV Hell Night

Song Lyric of the Day:

Is there something you’re not sure of / Are you looking for a sign / Are you waiting for some body / To throw your heart a line / Or a quick and easy answer

Paddy Casey / “Addicted to Company

Thursdays have long been my TV hell night. No other night of TV viewing even comes close. This has never been truer than during this current TV season. Not only do I keep up with three shows that air between 8 and 9PM, but I have five shows I keep up with that air between 9 and 10PM. And then there are the three that air between 10 and 11PM. I say “keep up with” because I can’t possibly watch all of them when they originally air. Thank God for the magic of TiVo.

So what to do to keep up with all my shows? (The husband would say, “Don’t watch TV and WRITE instead,” to which I would reply, “Soon, my dear — finale time is upon us. And remember that you watch six of those shows, too.”) Basically, I currently rely on my work VCR to take care of the overlap and record the shows I can’t watch at home — even though our TiVo has a double tuner, it’s working overtime on Thursdays.

For the record, these are the Thursday night TV shows I keep up with: Ugly Betty, My Name Is Earl, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, 30 Rock, Supernatural, C.S.I., Without a Trace, ER, and Lost. My beloved TiVo takes care of all but three: I record Supernatural and ER at work and watch C.S.I. live on my bedroom TV.

ABC scores some serious cool points for offering all their shows online for free; should TiVo fail to record Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, or Lost, I can always count on being able to watch those shows online. NBC and CBS should take note: even The CW offers Supernatural‘s most recently aired eps for free online, while they offer only a handful of their shows online for free. However, thanks to MSN.com, I can now catch C.S.I.‘s most recent episodes online for free should I miss watching the show live; turns out they have dozens of current and canceled shows available for online viewing. (You can also watch some current, but mostly classic/canceled, TV shows for free at Hulu.com.)

Keep in mind that this week I’ve managed to work on my book, update my blog, take care of housework, and work on training the puppy on top of my day job. So I’m not a total couch potato. And now I’m off to take care of some grooming rituals since I have an audition tomorrow.

You know what I’m asking Santa for this year? A TiVo for my bedroom TV. Because there’s so much TV, and so little time.

*In honor of tonight’s TV-centric post, here’s a Supernatural promo shot. OK, it’s because Jensen Ackles is so pretty.

Photo courtesy of the awesome JRAUnlimited fansite.


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30 Rock: Filling the Arrested Development Void

Song Lyric of the Day:

Boys becoming men / Men becoming wolves

Tracy Jordan / “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah”

One of the TV shows I’m enjoying the most this season (and which, as of last night, I’m caught up on) is NBC‘s deservedly Emmy-winning comedy, 30 Rock. As someone who has (1) been a Tina Fey fan since first seeing her on Saturday Night Live and (2) a somewhat offbeat sense of humor, this show is right up my alley. Filled with brilliantly absurd bits of comedy, 30 Rock has firmly secured its place in my heart, in the same spot left empty since Arrested Development‘s cancellation (you can catch repeats on G4).

Set behind the scenes at a New York City-based late-night sketch comedy show (sound familiar?), Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon is the show’s head writer and primarily sane voice of reason, dealing with her crazy boss Jack Donaghy (a phenomenal Alec Baldwin) and crazy stars Tracy Jordan (the uninhibited Tracy Morgan) and chronically insecure Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski). Add to the mix the golly-shucks Kenneth the Page (an underrated Jack McBrayer), and you’ve got a terrific primary cast in one of the few comedies (at least, I think) on the air today that is genuinely funny.

From something as simple as a framed movie poster hanging on the wall in Tracy’s dressing room (for his movie Fat Bitch — tagline: She’s Off the Leash) to the revelation of Jack’s secret cookie jar collection to an in-show product promo about not having an in-show product promo (Diet Snapple) to Tracy’s personal demons making him hallucinate a Blue Man to Kenneth vocalizing the Seinfeld theme music to European countries that only rich people know about to an avenging Elizabeth Taylor (“WHITE DIAMONDS!!!”), the show revels in the absurd. If only I had the time to get into all of Jack’s classic, instantly quotable lines (“Businesswoman? I don’t think that’s a word.”)

I’d already been a casual viewer of 30 Rock its first season; if I could catch it, I’d watch. And I enjoyed the occasional repeat here and there. But, really, what truly cemented 30 Rock as weekly appointment TV for me this season was the hysterical — and very unexpected — snippet of a Tracy Jordan music video for the song “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.” It wasn’t so much the video itself (which is very funny and very short), it’s that within the context of the scene it was hilarious. It’s been a long time since I laughed until I cried, but this scene did just that to me the other night. And any show that can make me laugh like that is worth making the time to watch.

*(Aside to Tina Fey: I read that your family is being cast for the show. Just letting you know I’m available.)

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