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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Something I’m currently worrying about

An easier question would have been: What am I not worrying about. The people who know me best know I’m a worrier. I normally function at a baseline of anxiety, which ratchets up easier than I like to admit. It doesn’t take a lot to get me stressed out.

So what am I currently worrying about? Oh, so many things, which I won’t list here. I guess what I’m most worried about these days is the political climate in our country. At this point I’m for anyone not named Trump, be they Republican, Democrat, or Other. I think that oompa-loompa orange, cat-hair-toupeed, stubby-fingered, delusional, tantrum-throwing narcissist would do irreparable damage to the U.S. He’s saying what people want to hear, which they’re (unfortunately) responding to. I get that people are fed up with the two-party system — who isn’t at this point? — and tired of lying politicians — again, who isn’t? — but this is not the outsider who will make things better. He will not make America great again, largely because so much of his “platform” (it’s hard to take him seriously when he doesn’t offer specifics) is flat-out anti-American. So much of what he espouses goes against the very foundation of what America was founded on, which makes it all the more depressing to me that people are buying into what he’s selling.

I think this year it’s more important than ever that every voting American really thinks about who they are going to vote for, and doing the research to validate their choice. I’ve never been one to vote along party lines; I vote for who I think will do the best job. I’ve voted Democrat and I’ve voted Republican based on who I had faith in. We shouldn’t ever blindly vote for a candidate simply because that’s who our respective parties are offering up as their best man/woman/circus attraction for the job.

That’s my piece on the matter (you can see why I don’t often talk politics). I really feel like no matter who wins this year’s presidential election, our country is doomed. How doomed is up to us, though. We can elect a new leader who might manage to do a bit of good, or we can elect a bully businessman con artist who will lead us to ruin and cement the U.S.’s place as a universal punchline to a joke no one asked to hear in the first place.

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We the People No Longer Exist

Song Lyric of the Day:

The pen with a bent wrist crooked king / Sign away our peace for your war, one word and it’s over / Dropping your bombs now / On all we’ve built / How does it feel now to watch it burn, burn, burn? / Raise your weapons, raise your weapons and it’s over

Deadmau5 / “Raise Your Weapon

I almost never blog about politics. I have before, but I haven’t in a long time. Why is that? I think it’s mostly because I’m not a political pundit — it’s not my area of expertise or interest. I stay up on the news, I make my decisions based on facts and my core beliefs, and that’s pretty much it. I’m not out to change people’s opinions and beliefs. Just because I support gay marriage rights and a woman’s right to choose and believe in the death penalty doesn’t mean I’m not going to respect you for having a different opinion. As it is, even though my leanings are decidely liberal, a lot of my close friends are conservatives. Make of that what you will.

But lately, I’ve found this ridiculous debt ceiling crisis to be a truly depressing commentary about the U.S.’s political climate; it’s essentially highlighted the absolute worst of our government in the most unflattering light possible. Republicans and Democrats have been proclaiming they’re bipartisan for ages, but it’s really just a load of crap. For so long now, the mentality in D.C. has been the us vs. them attitude. And by us vs. them, I mean Republicans vs. Democrats (and vice versa). It’s not about what’s best for American society as a whole — you know, people like you and I — it’s all about which side can gain the upper hand by passing/vetoing laws, cutting/adding spending, starting/ending wars, providing/denying healthcare, and so on. Our elected officials — the people we have elected to office and whose paychecks we pay through our taxes — could care less about what will benefit their constituencies. We re-elect those we think are doing a good job. We elect new people we hope will do a good job and deliver on their promises. But in the end, they’re all failing us. And it feels like we’re powerless to do anything. Do you think our senators, congressmen/women, and assorted higher ups (including you, Mr. President and Mr. Vice President) would willingly take pay cuts to help with the debt ceiling crisis or to benefit our economy in general? Hell no, they wouldn’t. Because it’s all about what they want, constituent peons be damned.

We the People no longer exist. And I find that too depressing for words.

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Take Me to Your Leader

Song Lyric of the Day:

Believing in nothing / Makes life so boring / So let’s pray for something / To feel good in the morning

Garbage / “Parade”

Well, it’s finally here. Election eve is upon us. I will be voting first thing tomorrow morning, to make my voice heard and hopefully help usher in a new president. For once, I think the press has it right — this definitely the biggest election in recent memory. Certainly in my lifetime.

I’ve been a news junkie since I was little. I have my mother to thank for that, since ABC News was always, and I mean always, on during dinner. So it’s only natural that I check major news websites repeatedly throughout the day. In checking them again on my lunch break, I was not surprised by the current reports that the presidential race is deadlocked — look at how polarizing the candidates are, not to mention the issues they represent.

On the one hand, we have our incumbent president, who seems to think that all that matters is convincing the country that he is a good Christian, merely doing what the Lord tells him to do. That seems to mean it’s okay to lie to the world in order to justify going to war, destroying our education system, limiting women’s rights, and so on.

On the other hand, we have John Kerry, who I truly believe is not only painfully aware of the problems in our country, but is determined to fix them. A president’s faith does not really matter to me — that shouldn’t be his sole selling point. While it’s all well and good if he wears his faith on his sleeve, I’m more concerned with what he’s going to do for our country than with what he believes. And personally, I believe John Kerry can do a better job at this point than Bush has the last four years.

To counter the seriousness and mudslinging that will continue at least through tomorrow night, I might indulge in some silliness tonight and watch Saturday Night Live’s Presidential Bash on NBC. If you can’t beat ‘em, laugh at ‘em. Tomorrow night I’ll probably tune in to Comedy Central’s Indecision 2004 coverage. I’ll take the Daily Show news crew over the broadcast stalwarts any day.

What direction will our country be headed in tomorrow night? We’ll know soon enough. Either way, I can only hope things will get better, for all of us.

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