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While the Husband’s Away…

Song Lyric of the Day:

I been working so hard / Keep punching my card / Eight hours, for what? / Oh, tell me what I got / I get this feeling / That time’s just holding me down / I’ll hit the ceiling / Or else I’ll tear up this town / Tonight I gotta cut loose, footloose

Kenny Loggins / “Footloose

Well, since Rich is on his vacation for the next several days (as he detailed in his blog), I’m moving full steam ahead with plans for my “Gerry-atric Film Fest” this weekend. That’s Gerry as in Gerard Butler; my friend, Nan, came up with the movie-a-thon name. And, yes, she will be attending.

That reminds me, 300 comes out on DVD Tuesday, and the special features look awesome. As you know, I love DVDs primarily for the special features. That, and I don’t have to rewind.

Hmmm…wonder if 300 used the Wilhelm scream?

Well, I made it through the day without puking all over my cubicle. Lucky for my cube neighbors. I had turkey burgers for dinner last night; I’d made them and frozen them a few weeks ago. Once I started eating, my stomach went south almost immediately, so I stopped eating them pretty quickly. I guess turkey burger patties don’t keep too well in the freezer. Shame.

I felt better after a few hours of laying around, praying my stomach would stop hurting, and I felt a lot better by the time I went to bed. Got up this morning, felt fine, made it to the driveway, and almost lost it before getting in the car. It took most of the day for my stomach to settle down a bit. I did make a point of buying generic Pepto-Bismol at Kroger on the way home from work, though. Better safe than sorry.

Stomach’s feeling better, although still a bit iffy. Might have chicken soup for lunch tomorrow if it’s still squelchy. As it is, I’m working from home tomorrow (love my portable job, and, more importantly, my boss who lets me work from home). Before leaving the office tonight, I double-checked that the articles I need to work on are safely queued up in my email, grabbed my trusty red pen and style guide, and headed out the door. Of course, my friend, Caren, being the young, up-on-technology whippersnapper that she is, suggested I use Google Documents to help cut down on all the emails I send myself, which I just might try. She also thinks I should try Twitter, but I’m still on the fence about that — who out there wants to know what I do all day? Hear those crickets chirping? That’s what I thought.

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to no outside distractions tomorrow — no groups congregating in front of my cubicle (they forget a conference room is nearby), no conversations echoing out of the break room, no reheated fish smell (being near the kitchen is mostly a bad thing) — generally NO NOISE. That, and I get a divine tummy massage when Yum Yum flexes on my stomach when I first start working for the day (gotta make those biscuits). I can give the dogs peanut butter to keep them busy and wear them out.

It goes without saying that I will be working in my jammies. Pantsless.

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