Natural Blues

Song Lyric of the Day:Feeling unknown / And you’re all alone / Flesh and bone / By the telephone / Lift up the Receiver / I’ll make you a believer

Depeche Mode / “Personal Jesus”

I‘m feeling a bit melancholy today. Feeling trapped in my job, like I’m never going to have a job again where I feel fulfilled, accomplished, and just plain happy. Not to sound like a broken record, but I know it’s possible since I had a great job for almost a year before having to transfer offices. Sure, it wasn’t one of my ideal dream jobs, say, like being a “news” (read: infotainment) reporter for E! or a writer for TV Guide Online‘s Watercooler column. I mean, get paid to watch TV and write about what I watched? Hello! TV Guide, call me! That said, I spent the weekend basically just catching up on sleep after getting home from my trip, so I’m finally starting to feel like I’m caught up on sleep.I’m trying to get motivated to watch some movies we rented through Netflix that I’ve left sitting on top of the DVD player for a couple of weeks now (sorry, honey). I think what’s been keeping me from watching them is that they are dramas, which is about all we’ve rented through Netflix. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But the last one I watched, “21 Grams,” was a doozy. Definitely not a happy, feel-good movie. Although, I have to say, Naomi Watts is fast becoming an acting hero of mine. The woman is completely fearless and so able to become the character she’s playing that I find myself getting lost in her performances. That Oscar nomination for “21 Grams” was totally deserved. But now I need some comedy. I need to get these movies, including “Miller’s Crossing,” watched and sent back because “Starsky & Hutch” and “Dodgeball” are queued up next on our list. I’m especially looking forward to seeing “Dodgeball,” as I’ve heard how funny it is from several friends now. The commercial alone cracked me up, in particular the scenes of Justin Long getting bombarded with ball after ball. I wonder if ESPN2‘s viewership has increased for dodgeball tournaments. If they even broadcast that. Probably not.

I’ve also been cranky since reading yesterday that Tom Hanks is probably going to play Robert Langdon in the movie adaptation of The Davinci Code. Tom Hanks? I love him as an actor, I really do, but he is not Robert Langdon. Why not someone like David Duchovny? Or Cary Elwes? Or Dominic West? Those three actors better fit the book’s description, and my mental image, of course, of what the character is like. I think it’s a shame that director Ron Howard and his producing partner, Brian Grazer, feel like they need a big name to sell this movie to the public. The book has been on the hardcover bestseller lists for almost 90 weeks now. The story can sell itself without a big name attached. Ah, if only I were in charge of casting.

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  1. dragonroll

    Hey Pattie. I think that Tim Robbins would be an excellent choice for Robert Langdon. I agree that they could have done much better than Tom Hanks. Kathy

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