Zoo York

Song Lyric of the Day:

In the stillness of the evening / When the sun has had its day / I heard your voice a-whispering / Come away now / New York, New York

U2 / “New York”

This trip has been a total whirlwind. My tootsies are killing me from walking so much. I’ll post photos and do a proper update once I’m home this weekend, but in short we have so far, in no particular order:

  • celebrated the fact that I even got here
  • eaten lots of pizza
  • toured the harbor
  • said hi to my Food Network colleagues before taking a guided tour of the office and studio
  • caught a Broadway show featuring foul-mouthed puppets
  • seen an exhibition of polymer-preserved bodies
  • gotten lost
  • at long last met up and grabbed drinks with MetroDad
  • walked in a Halloween parade
  • walked Brooklyn Bridge
  • eaten brunch at a French restaurant
  • gotten lost again
  • listened to a Latin jazz band with my aunt and uncle
  • shopped
  • window shopped
  • shopped for windows (not really)
  • hit the holy land of used book stores

And we still have almost one full day left…

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