Rocking the Vote on Super Tuesday

Song Lyric of the Day:

Everybody needs to know it’s the year of the rat / Every day we’ve got to hold on / ‘Cause if we hold on we could find some new energy

Badly Drawn Boy / “Year of the Rat

Rich and I did our part today. After an all-day training seminar downtown, we hit our local polling location to vote. Having done that, I’m very disappointed to see Hillary Clinton on TV right now, celebrating her success; looks like her getting the Democratic nomination is a done deal. I had really, really hoped to see Obama get it. Sigh. I can’t help thinking about a blog post I read the other day where the writer (sorry — can’t remember which blog) asked when voting became about choosing the lesser evil instead of choosing the best person for the job thanks to our antiquated two-party system. Now, depending on who wins the Republican nomination, Clinton may very well be the lesser evil.

I swear, if I wasn’t committed to this whole eating better thing these days, I’d go bury myself in a trough of cookies right now. Good thing we don’t have any cookies around the house.

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