21 Days Later

Song Lyric of the Day:

There’s only one me in the galaxy / I am an endangered species / This kind of flower don’t grow on Earth / Just lettin’ you know for what it’s worth

Little Jackie
/ “The World Should Revolve Around Me

I didn’t mean to go dark for so long after Yum Yum died. (Thanks to everyone for the comments, emails, and cards, and to my family for the flowers — they were the exact kind Yum Yum would have loved to eat.) But my baby cat’s passing, combined with some other things, had me in a very dark, very depressed place. As it was, the week before Yum Yum died, Rich and I had rushed Troubadour to the animal ER to get stitches after a tug-of-war game gone wrong; the cone he ended up wearing alienated Caleb because his little beconed brother scared him so badly. We’re still working on mending their relationship now that the puppy is cone-free, which has been very stressful; those of you who know Caleb know he remembers every single thing that scares him for the rest of his life. And the possibility that my oldest dog, Snoops, might have cancer was one of the worst things I could have heard so soon after losing another pet (we still don’t know for sure, but her arthritis medicine is at least working and she’s more mobile than she’s been in weeks). And that’s just the stressful, pet-related stuff.

Still, not everything of late has been awful. A quick rundown of recent goings-on, both big and small:

  • The Relay for Life was a great success (and it’s not too late to donate)
  • I excavated my half of our home office in an archaeological dig-scale undertaking, leading to the discovery of the Long-Lost Futon of South Knoxville
  • We now have air conditioning again on the third floor — HUZZAH!
  • I’ve lost the 13.6 lbs. I started gaining after my Thanksgiving ’06 kick-off free-for-all
  • Rich and I bought two new sofas; our dog nephew, Moose, will inherit Frankencouch© upon their delivery
  • Rich’s art-school friend and her adorable 4-year-old son visited us for a weekend during which we visited the Smoky Mountains
  • My remaining cats, Belle, Buster, and Finn have been super-snuggly with me of late
  • Our Florida room will soon be worked on and completed
  • I got my first acting job through my talent agency, as an extra in a national TV commercial (airdate TBA)
  • I’m helping plan my sister’s baby shower
  • I finally got around to updating my blog again

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