Flying Solo for a Few Days

Song Lyric of the Day:

Sun is shinin’ in the sky / There ain’t a cloud in sight / It’s stopped rainin’ / Ev’rybody’s in a playin’ / And don’t you know / It’s a beautiful new day / Hey / Hey

Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O.) / “Mr. Blue Sky”

I’m on my own for a few days. Rich is off to Hampton Roads to visit a lot of our friends and attend one friend’s graduation. Sounds like fun, right? So why did I stay behind? Because both brothers-in-law will be away this weekend, leaving both my sisters alone with my little nephews. So as much as I wanted to see Joan, Sharon, Kathy, Christian, Kristen, Matt, Elaine, Dale, Sallie, David, and all the others, I had to stay behind so I can be here in case the siblings and nephews need me. Not to mention our fur kids needing to be taken care of.

As with any time Rich is out of town, I have grand plans for how productive I’ll be. I’m going to work on both my books, including an agent query letter for the first one — finally! I’m going to post hundreds of photos I’ve been sitting on to my Flickr albums! I’m going to exercise every night! I’m going to take care of lots of tiny home improvement projects! I’m finally going to teach Troubadour the “bang, you’re dead!” trick! Will any of that come to pass? Um, we’ll see.

More realistically, I’ll manage to exercise a few nights, write a few pages, have my sis and brother-in-law over for dinner, and manage to not kill Troubadour. Provided my sweet, overly ambitious puppy doesn’t attempt anything along the lines of the other night’s Great Pork Chop Heist, he and I should be fine. Still, I do plan on taking advantage of the solo time. And Rich has ordered me to relax on at least a couple of nights, which I fully plan on doing.

One thing I have managed to stick to lately is daily writing exercises. I bought myself a pretty journal from Borders the other day with the sole purpose of dedicating it to writing exercises, and so far I’m doing pretty well with it. If I can at least stay the course with that while Rich is gone, I’ll consider my solo time a success.

I really do want to post photos this week, though. My new baby, my Canon EOS Rebel XS, arrived the other day, and I’ve been getting to know it and taking lots of photos (of course). (I got a great deal on, although the price has already gone up from when I bought it.) I’ll be sure to post a couple of new photos here when I do.

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