Labor Day 2009

Song Lyric of the Day:

I don’t want to work / I want to bang on the drum all day / I don’t want to play / I just want to bang on the drum all day

Todd Rundgren / “Bang on the Drum All Day

Holiday weekends spoil me. I lose track of time, stay up too late, and drink too much soda. So what did I do this particular holiday weekend? I celebrated my nephew’s first birthday and my sister’s (age-censored) birthday. I managed to squeeze in a workout where I didn’t wrench my back and do cardio, as well. I played way too much Guitar Hero: Smash Hits with Rich, to the point that my left hand has atrophied from holding the guitar and now resembles a claw. I also barely missed out on a perfect score by one measly note on Warrant’s “Cherry Pie,” a fact I’m not sure about which I should be proud or scared. Maybe both. I ate too much pizza, first from Roman’s and then from Brixx. I started rewatching Being Human (LOVE this show) and caught up on Supernatural in anticipation of this week’s season five premiere (that I will have to catch online or wait to watch when I get home). I got our guest room back in respectable shape in the wake of Operation Bookcase (about which I’ll probably write after vacation).

And, most importantly, I have begun my ritual pre-vacation freakout. I’ve gone on a Bree Van de Kamp-worthy cleaning spree, vacuuming like a madwoman and doing load after load of laundry. It’s not that I don’t think Rich can handle the house while I’m away. This is just how I am. I do this before every trip, even weekend ones. What can I say? I have an overwhelmingly irrational fear of dying on vacation and people seeing our house in disarray and them thinking, “Well, look at that. They lived like slobs all along.” when we don’t. And my mother just standing there shaking her head, saying, “I taught her better than this. I don’t know where she went wrong.” I know, I know — I should look into therapy. Again.

I did take a moment today to say a silent prayer of thanks for the fact that I have a job, something I am incredibly grateful for in light of our country’s economic situation. I can honestly say that I am very happy in my professional life, although I have definitely already mentally checked out for the week. Tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be very long days for me, and even though I love my job, come Wednesday afternoon, my coworkers are going to see a Pattie-shaped cloud in my wake as I spring for the door and the vacation that awaits.

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