Veterans Day 2009

Written by my friend, Quinton, an Army veteran, this says it all about what Veterans Day — and being a veteran — means. Short, sweet, and to the point.

While you are making your choices today on what to watch on TV, what to eat for dinner, or what you want to say to someone, remember the veterans who have sacrificed their entire lives for that freedom. A special thank you goes out today to all the veterans. Please don’t take for granted the freedom that you have. Many have fought and died for that freedom. Happy Veterans day, soldiers!

And a special shoutout from me to all the veterans I worked with in Hampton and Virginia Beach, VA, and the ones I work with now in Knoxville. Most importantly, a hearty thanks to my favorite veterans: my father-in-law, Doug; my brother, Ricky; and my brothers-in-law Ken, Kirk, and Michael. (And, of course, Q, an honorary bro-in-law). Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of what it is to be selfless and sacrificing.

“Where’d You Go?” by Fort Minor featuring Holly Brook

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