Scene From a Marriage # 13,739

During Shark Week:
“Check this out. This guy’s leg got bitten and look what’s left of it.”
Immediately after hitting play on the DVR:
“Oh my God! Why the HELL did you think I’d want to see that?!?”
“I thought you’d find it interesting –“
“Interesting?!? Ugh.” Doubling over: “I think I’m going to throw up.”
“Oh, it’s not that –“
“Seriously! WHY did you think I’d want to see that? What is wrong with you?!?”

Laughing: “Guess I was wrong. You obviously don’t find it as interesting as I did.”

*For the morbidly curious and strong-stomached, here’s the clip. DO NOT watch if you’re remotely squeamish. Trust me on this one.

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