Scene From a Marriage # 11,232

“I don’t feel so good. I ate a rice pudding from the pack that was sitting on the table.”
“Shouldn’t it have been refrigerated?”
“I don’t think so.”  

(later that evening)

Laying down on the floor and propping his feet up. “Go to WebMD. I think I have botulism.”

“You don’t have botulism.”

“You don’t know that for sure. I could have botulism.”

Pulling up the website and reading the symptoms.  “You’re not slurring your speech. Is your vision blurring? Can you still see? Are you blind?”

“No, I’m not blind.”

“Then you don’t have botulism.” Going to the kitchen to look at the rice pudding containers and coming back to the office. “Honey, did you not see that they say right there on the side to refrigerate them? And that they were bloated? “

Groaning in pain.  “No.”

“Huh. Maybe you are blind, then.”

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