31 Day Blog Prompt Challenge Day 15

Day 15: Something that bugs you.

I can only pick one thing? That makes this so much harder.  Hmm.  I was going to say people’s faces staring at me from magazine covers (creeps. me. the. hell. out.), but I’m going to go with something that bugs me so much it makes my dander stand up: people who text (or worse, answer their cell phones) during movies. Anytime a fellow movie-goer’s cell lights up with a text, it may as well be a lighthouse, it’s so bright to me. And, oh, how my blood boils when those rude people don’t turn off their phones or at least keep them out of sight. Holding it up to your face in the theater? Really? And honestly — WHAT is so important that you have to keep texting during a movie? Or answer your phone? I know that most of the people sharing those darkened auditoriums with me are not bigwig CEOs or gifted, in-demand neurosurgeons or anyone else without whom the world can’t survive for a two-hour movie. I say all this as someone who has put the verbal smackdown on my own family and friends for these horrible cell-phone cinematic transgressions on more than one occasion. (I am that person who will report you to theater management.) Going to see a movie? Turn off your damn phone. It’s what I do. It’s a simple common courtesy. And if you are expecting a life-changing call or text (ha!), then don’t go see a movie. Especially not one with me.

*I thank God cellphones were a rarity when I worked at a movie theater. It was never an issue. I miss those days.


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  1. Bea Moreno

    Right on!! for me, it’s that person who needs to talk to her friend during a theater performance or the pair that continue laughing and joking during a show!!!! Dirves me nuts!!!! I usually turn my head ala Exorcist, and give a big “SHHHHH”! Then I hear the mumbling “some people…” but the noise dies down 🙂

    • administrator

      Ha! So it runs in the family. 🙂 Seriously, though — why pay good money to see a movie or a theater performance (which is way more expensive) just to talk/text through it?

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