31 Day Blog Prompt Challenge Day 26

Day 26: The best gift you’ve ever received.

I think it’s a tie between the necklace I got from my paternal grandparents and the last thing I got from my Abuela Tulita, my maternal grandmother, which was my Cabbage Patch Doll Fernanda Georgiana. See, my grandmother had a stroke on September 13 and went into a coma. My birthday is September 17. She died September 18. The next day I got the birthday card and check she’d put in the mail right before she had the stroke. I used that money to buy Fernanda, which is now one of Coraline’s favorite dolls. And that is why that bald baby doll is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received, even though I’m the one who picked it out after Abuela Tulita died. I know she’d love how much Coraline is enjoying the doll now.

Coraline Kissing Fernanda


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  1. Bea Moreno

    What a wonderful story! And what a way to remember your grandmother…hoping that one of my grandchildren will remember me in a special way!

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