Scene From a Marriage # 25,774

The evening after Rich’s shoulder surgery:

“You know, when the pager went off way earlier than they said your surgery would be done, I panicked. I thought they were calling me back there to tell me they had to amputate your arm. I just knew that’s what it was when your doctor walked in the room to talk to me. And I was all panicky, thinking, ‘Oh my God, he’s an artist! What is he going to do without his right arm?!’”

“Really? That’s what you went straight to? Amputation?”

“I also think your doctor looks a lot like Woody Harrelson.”


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3 Responses to Scene From a Marriage # 25,774

  1. Bea Moreno

    LOL!!! Poor Rich…part of wife’s duties…think the worst and get better news:)

  2. David W.

    You obviously have too much Grey’s Anatomy in your head!

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