Quiet Reflection

Song Lyric of the Day:

All these kinds of places / Make it seem like it’s been ages / Tommorrow some new building will scrape the sky / I love this country dearly / I can feel the ladder clearly / But I never thought I’d be alone to try

Passion Pit / “Take a Walk

Last year on the anniversary, I poured my guts out about where I was that day and the emotional fallout for me. Today I’ve kept mostly to myself, both online and offline, largely in part due to a stomach bug (or food poisoning) that has me feeling pretty rough. But also because — particularly after last year’s post — I think I’ve shared all I’m able to share about how that day affected me.

Instead, today I kept foremost in my thoughts the emergency/first responders lost that day, the service men and women we’ve lost due to that day, and the first responders still dealing with health issues from the fallout.

I also thought a lot about Adam and Ryan, and their families and friends. Based on the search terms for my blog today, many other people were thinking about them, too.

You can learn a bit more about Adam here and here. And you can learn more about Ryan here and check out his widow, Heather’s, book about Ryan here.

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  1. I was pretty drained all day, walking on 6th avenue, looking at where the twins used to be, looking at the new buildings rising up, happy that the empty space is being used, feeling a sense of loss all day with easy tears coming up. I somehow didn’t realize the date until late afternoon. Whereas last year it was the tenth anniversary, this year was different, still as painful, not as loud.
    I read your post from last year, it made me cry.

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