Things Can Always Be Worse

Song Lyric of the Day:

The trouble it might drag you down / If you get lost, you can always be found / Just know you’re not alone / Cause I’m going to make this place your home

Phillip Phillips / “Home

I wrote recently about how lousy October was for us. Unfortunately, some of that carried over to this month. Leaks that we discovered at the end of the month turned into this:

Our master bath being dried out

And this:

Our engine/utility room (directly under master bath) being dried out

I admit, I had a pity party last week when all this happened; it was kind of the last straw for me after the last few weeks, and I cracked (I’ve cried a lot these last few weeks). Then I started seeing the photos of the aftermath from Hurricane Sandy, and I snapped out of it. I (and Rich) looked on the bright side of things. We caught the leak when it was still only water, not mold, damage. We are insured. Our daughter is healthy. We are healthy. Our house is still standing.

We currently have family and coworkers in New York/New Jersey who are still without power and hot water, which is unbelievable to me. They are also now getting snow from a nor’easter, adding insult to injury. And yet they too are looking on the bright side of things. They are safe and healthy, even if they’ve been displaced (it was SUCH a relief to start receiving emails from my editors last week that they were OK). Their friends and coworkers have opened up their homes to them. As power and water services have been restored, they in turn have opened their homes to those without.  I can’t tell you how proud I was to read their offers of a warm place to stay on Facebook, often posted as soon as they got home from wherever they had been temporarily staying. Our company opened up one of our offices to employees and their families so they could have access to clean, hot water, recharge phones/laptops, and just be warm for a bit. I work — albeit from far away — with some really awesome people.

So that’s how I’ve been able to deal with all the crap that’s been thrown our way lately — I’ve made myself look on the bright side of things. Every night when I say my prayers, I thank God for everything I do have. I’m taken care of. I will be OK.

Things can always be worse.

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