Photoblogging: Princess Coraline

A couple weeks ago on my day working from home, my schedule opened up enough that I told Coraline we could go visit her poppa at work over lunch. She surprised — and thrilled — me when she said, “I want to dress like a princess for Poppa.” We chose the beautiful black-and-white polka-dot dress (and matching sunglasses) her Titi K gave her for Christmas, white tights, and Coraline’s black sequined slip-on shoes. I styled her hair (as best I could) in a top-knot, which Coraline deemed worthy of calling “princess hair.” She couldn’t wait to grab one of her tiaras out of her toy bin, reminding me that princesses wear crowns. She had to look extra special for her dad, of course. She then melted my heart when I finished putting the tiara on her hair and looked at me and said, “I’m beautiful!” Yes you are, sweetie. Yes you are.

Princess Coraline & Caleb

Caleb inspects Coraline, who he thinks looks like a princess every day.

Princess Coraline & stroller

Princess Coraline races down the hall after getting all gussied up.

Princess Coraline closeup

Coraline beams at the thought of her poppa seeing her all dressed up.

Princess Coraline smiling

Coraline hooks her stroller over her arm, ready to go at last. Because of course Baby Miranda went with us.

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