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And Lo on This Day Their 15th Wedding Anniversary Came to Pass

Song Lyric of the Day:

Tell me one more time / What is this thing called love / I’m not quite sure / As to what is going down / But I’m feelin’ hunky dory / ‘Bout this thing that I found

Heavy D & the Boyz / “Now That We Found Love

Fifteen years ago today, on an unusually cold and snowy April day in Knoxville, Rich and I tied the knot. I could write something sappy, deep, and meaningful, but I’ve already taken care of that in years past.

This year, I will simply thank Rich for being my best friend through thick and thin, for being with me through all the ups and downs, the highs and the lows, and for being the best dad possible to our own little Curly Sue. I love you, honey!

Mystery Mine ... of Marriage!

This is what you look like when you wake up one day and realize you’ve been married for 15 years.


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Happy 13th Anniversary to My Husband

Song Lyric of the Day:

I belong with you, you belong with me / You’re my sweetheart / I belong with you, you belong with me / You’re my sweet

Lumineers / “Ho Hey

What can I say after 13 years together that I haven’t already said? Rich, you are still my best friend, the best friend I’ve ever had, in fact. Not only do you continue evolving as a wonderful, loving, supportive partner, your continuing evolution as a father leaves me in awe. I also have it on very good authority that Coraline is quite fond of you; you are the “fun” parent, after all (or so she tells me). Thank you for being our everything.



Rich and I on our wedding day, April 8, 2000. So young ...

Our family 2013

Rich, Coraline, and I on our 13th anniversary today.


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Meat on a Stick, Motorcycle-Riding Moms, Family Time, & a Non-Napping Baby

Song Lyric of the Day:
No, I won’t change / Another thing / I cracked the bell / I tried to ring / A scissor runner stole my heart

This weekend was packed, the kind of busy that has me wishing today was a day off just so I could recover. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Friday night Rich and I went to Brazeiros Churrascaria, a Brazilian steakhouse that opened a few months ago, to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Talk about eating your fill. The concept is basically that you have a little circle card, one side red, one side green, and you flip it over to get started. Once you have it green side up, you can start with the unlimited salad bar. Then sides are brought to you: carmelized bananas, cheese bread, garlic mashed potatoes, and crispy polenta. The real fun begins when they start bringing the meat. Good lord, the meat. Brought out by gaucho chefs, there are about a dozen different types of meat, ranging from leg of lamb to sausage to sirloin to filet mignon to chicken breast wrapped in bacon — lots of meat. You turn the card back over so it’s red side up when you need a break or, in my case, fear you might vomit from eating so much. Seriously — I ate for almost an hour straight. I’m still full and it’s three days later. I really think I ate my own weight in meat. You get the drift. Aside from a great restaurant experience and a wonderful date night with the hubby, I got my belated 10th anniversary gift, to boot. Behold my anniversary ring:


The service at Brazeiros was fantastic, too. I made a point to tell the manager on duty how great all our gaucho chefs were — they made a point to come back to me with well-done meat whenever something wasn’t as cooked as I would’ve liked. Now that’s good customer service.

Saturday afternoon was spent with the family celebrating our nephew Stephen’s second birthday party at his Grandma Jane and Grandpa Bruce’s house.

Coraline made friends with Grandma Jane:

New friends
Stephen’s favorite one of our gifts to him was the little basketball:
Still flushed from playing outside
The Big Gift was Stephen’s very own Ford F150, complete with personalized plates:
Sweet ride
The Big Gift led to a carjacking by cousin Elliott, with Stephen giving chase:
Vanessa tries to stop Elliott as Stephen runs behind yelling, “Stop! Stop!”
And my mom fulfilled a lifelong wish and got to go for a ride on Bruce’s motorcycle:
That’s actually my dad with mom, not Bruce. And Michael’s the one who took her for a spin. Got that?
Rich and I managed to have a quiet moment with the birthday boy:
It’s a Stephen sandwich!
Then last night we had a very last-minute, impromptu dinner at our house with my father-in-law, Papa Doug, Rich’s sister, Kirsten, and our brother-in-law Chris (Momma Carol’s in Iowa right now). I made turkey arrabiata lasagna for the main course and a marble pistachio cake for dessert, complete with ice cream on the side.
Coraline lounges in Uncle Chris’s arms while Auntie Kirsten looks on.
Oh, as for the non-napping baby, Coraline was awake on Saturday from about 9:15AM until 7:30PM. She dozed maybe 20 minutes in the car after Stephen’s party and refused to nap at all once home. I’m pretty sure that’s her new personal record for hours spent awake. Stubborn, stubborn child. Wonder where she gets it from …

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Happy 11th Anniversary to My Husband

Song Lyric of the Day:

Tell the repo man / And the stars above / You’re the one I love / You’re the one I love / The one I love

David Gray / The One I Love*”

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary. I actually started this post last year, for our 10th anniversary, and wasn’t able to finish it in time. Pregnancy brain/hibernation and all, you know. But here we are, one year later.

Where do I start? Rich, you’ve been my best friend for so long now I don’t know what I’d do without you. We started out as casual friends way (way, way, WAY) back in high school. We went our separate ways for college but you always made an effort to stay in touch. Which obviously ended up paying off. And for that I thank you. You proposed in the most romantic way possible, the kind of proposal I’d only seen in movies. You can always make me laugh, be it by talking in silly voices or doing some sort of pratfall or just saying something devastatingly funny (even sometimes when it’s unintentional). You’ve seen me at my absolute best and at my lowest, my worst. And you’ve stuck by my side through it all. You’ve taken care of me after surgeries and held back my hair when I’ve gotten sick. You’ve explored far-off lands with me, from Aruba on our honeymoon to Uruguay on our vacation a couple years ago. You kissed my pregnant belly on a snowy slope in Denver last year, before we shared our big news with anyone. You let me introduce you to my hometown of New York City for our second wedding anniversary. You know exactly why I cry whenever I see the Sex and the City episode where Samantha is diagnosed with breast cancer, and you always know to remind me that my mom is okay, that she’s still here. You have seen me through the loss of grandparents, a beloved uncle, and pets. You’ve helped me weather the storms that I’ve gone through with family and friends alike. You’re cheered me on in my dinky little acting forays, despite calling me a harlot for a week after an on-screen kiss. You’ve always worked hard to keep a roof over our heads. You supported my quest to finally go to a film festival. Most importantly of all, you’ve made the most amazing, sweetest, beautiful, smartest little girl with me. And you’ve turned out to be a more magnificent, hands-on father than I could have dared imagine. And for that, and everything else that’s come with 11 years of marriage, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.
Just the two of us (and Bundle) on our 10th wedding anniversary, 2010.
Our family, 2011.

 *I linked to the video instead of just the lyrics.


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To My Best Friend on Our 8th Anniversary

Song Lyric of the Day:

But something happened / For the very first time with you / My heart melts into the ground / Found something true

Leona Lewis / “Bleeding Love

Dear Rich,

I didn’t get you a card for our anniversary today. It just didn’t seem that critical, buying that beautifully adorned card filled with platitudes I wish I’d written, mostly just because they rhyme. Besides, I’m pretty sure you know how much you mean to me. I’m truly happy (and proud) that we’ve made it this far, particularly in light of where we were exactly four years ago at this time, marking the day, separately, while planning the end of our marriage. But we managed to fight back (and sometimes just plain fight) our way to becoming stronger and closer than ever before.

You’ve been my best friend for 11 years now and have been by my side throughout some of the most amazing, fun, awful, unusual, heartbreaking, enlightening, adventurous, heartwarming things I’ve experienced. And for that, I’m eternally grateful, because there’s no one else I would have wanted to share all those things with, no one else who could’ve said just the right thing at the right time, or not said anything at all when I needed it most. And there’s certainly no one with whom I’d rather anticipate and experience all the things the future holds than you.

I may not have gotten you a card, but I’ve given you my heart.



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