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Horror Movies: A Love Story

Song Lyric of the Day:

And then silence! It was a whole new day / I thought, “Huh, I wasn’t scared of him anyway.” / Until I noticed those rips in my sheets / And that was proof that there had been a nightmare, on my street

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince / “A Nightmare on My Street

It’s November now, time for my annual horror-movie detox. Not that I only watch them in October — I just watch more horror movies in October than during the other months. Really, watching horror movies is a year-round hobby. It’s just that October is our favorite month for me and my sisters to indulge in our love of all things horror. Why? Because we grew up watching it.

For us, horror movies were family time. Whenever the latest Friday the 13th would premiere on HBO (or whatever channel we watched them on), Mom, Dad, my sisters, and I would all be huddled together on the couch to watch. I have fond memories of my dad sweetly consoling my sister when she cried about the dog dying in Cujo, even though, let’s face it, Doggy had to go. I still laugh when I think about how my sisters and I were home during a storm watching Aliens when the power went out; I laugh because I left them yelling in the dark while I hauled ass downstairs (my bad). It was right when the Xenomorph rises up in the water behind Newt. Great timing, power outage! And I know — Aliens is technically a sci-fi movie, but only because it’s a horror movie in disguise.

I reveled in instilling what turned out to be a lifelong fear of clowns in my sisters thanks to a local TV guide cover that featured Pennywise, complete with sharp teeth, on it. Every night at bedtime I’d show them the cover and tell them that he was going to get them. The fun lasted for me until my mom caught me, rolled up the TV guide, and smacked the crap out of me with it.

Not scary, right?

Because this isn’t terrifying for kids to see at bedtime, right? #worstbigsisterever
Image found on via Google search

Of all the serial killers we watched slash their way through countless movies — and victims — Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise is our favorite boogeyman. My sister and I went and saw Halloween on opening weekend. Our verdict: good scares, great homages to all the sequels its timeline erased, and a fitting direct sequel to the 1978 original. Our other sister begged to differ.

I’d say Jason Voorhees is probably my second-favorite slasher-movie serial killer. There’s just something intrinsically terrifying about a seemingly unkillable killer running after you in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. Which is why when I’d go on Girl Scout camping trips, I’d always position myself in the middle of my troop on hikes. Why? Because if said campground boogeyman were to grab anyone, it’d be the ones on the outside, giving me a chance to run. (Issues, I got ’em.) I wish I had a photo to share with you of my mom’s expression when I told her that several years ago. That’s the only time I can recall her saying that maybe, just maybe, she shouldn’t have let me watch such scary movies at a young, impressionable age.

I don’t just enjoy slasher movies. Those can be pretty predictable and follow a typical horror-movie formula, and excessive gore does not equate fear for me. It’s just gross. There are some great ghost stories out there that don’t rely on gore or violence to scare the pants off a viewer. I watched The Woman in Black in the daytime and almost peed myself; don’t bother with the sequel, though, as it was pointless, not scary, and literally too dark to see for most of it. The Others was a beautiful haunted-house movie. The Changeling is terrifying with its mostly implied scares. And Spanish gothic-horror movies El Espinazo del Diablo (The Devil’s Backbone) and The Orphanage (El Orfanato) manage to scare while also ultimately breaking your heart.

I’m glad my parents exposed me to horror movies at an early age, though. Even though most of those movies scared the crap out of me and my sisters, we always knew those things weren’t real. Those movies taught us the rules for how to stay safe — or at least how to survive in a horror movie. We learned to run out of the house, not back upstairs. Never be dismissive of weird, unexplained noises. Always keep the doors and windows locked. Work on your cardio so you can outrun even the fastest walker. Watch where you’re running so you don’t trip. Make sure your flashlight has fresh batteries. Keep your car properly maintained so it will always start. Don’t go investigate anything by yourself. Always, always go for the zombies’ heads (characters in zombie movies almost never figure this out in time). And NEVER, EVER leave the weapon behind.

Coraline — who I have not yet allowed to watch horror movies — once asked me why I love horror movies so much. I explained that for me, they’re like roller coasters and other thrill rides. It’s fun to know I can scare myself silly. And unlike a ride I can’t get off once it’s started, I can always hit pause on a movie and walk away if I need to.

True story.

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In Honor of Friday the 13th

Behold: All of Jason Voorhees’ kills from Friday the 13th Part 2 all the way through the 2009 remake. Enjoy!

(Hey, I’m a horror movie buff. What did you expect today?)

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Slumber Party Massacre Saturday

Song Lyric of the Day:

Everyone that you meet baby / As you walk down the street baby / Will ask you why ‘ walkin’ all alone / Why you’re on your own / Just say I’m gone / Gone, gone, gone

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
/ “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)

Took Caleb for his first-ever visit to PetSafe Village this afternoon. It went really well; he made a lot of new dog friends and enjoyed running around the park. Now Caleb, Rich, and I are all wiped out.

I’m gathering horror movies for the slumber party my sisters and I are having tonight. We haven’t had one in a long time, so it should be fun. Now to think of movies for Vanessa to grab from the video store…

I’ll try to write more tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the coolness that is the video for today’s Song Lyric of the Day, “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss:

… which, for some reason, always reminds me of this scene from the movie Gumnaam, featured in the opening of the movie Ghost World:

I think “Gone Gone Gone” gives off a 60s-esque vibe, which makes me think of “Jan Pehechaan Ho.” That, and the go-go dancer at the end of “Gone Gone Gone.”

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Three Years (and a Day) of Blogging: The Horror

Song Lyric of the Day:

Time after time those fanatical minds try to rule all the world / Telling us all it’s them who’s in charge of it all / I’ve got a trick, a magic stick, that will make them all fall / We’ve got the power now, motherfuckers; that’s where it belongs

The Flaming Lips / “W.A.N.D.

Yesterday was my third blogging anniversary. Three years of ranting, opinionating, reviewing, blathering, and song-lyric-of-the-day-selecting, and have I learned anything or made any impact on the world? Nah. Although I have come a long way, personally and professionally, since I started. So that’s something, at least.

I missed blogging yesterday on my actual anniversary since I spent most of my weekend incapacitated with a sprained ankle. I was avoiding getting plowed over by a Hummer backing out of a parking space at the mall Saturday morning and stepped in a pothole, temporarily crippling myself. I can’t blame the Hummer driver, though, since I know how hard it is to notice when a five-foot-eight woman walks behind your vehicle. How I spent my weekend:

The Horror, The Horror
I blame AMC‘s Monsterfest and Sci-Fi‘s 13 Days of Halloween. As you know, I’m a huge horror movie buff (it’s hereditary), so how can I resist non-stop horror movies? I had them on all last week at work, half-listening while I worked, determined not to jump or scream if someone came by my cubicle and inadvertently startled me. (If anyone had come by while the original Halloween was on, after everyone around me had already gone home, well, it would’ve been bad.) So since I was bedridden with ice on my ankle most of the weekend, I breezed through some of my DVDs to keep the scary movie momentum going. I watched When a Stranger Calls, Dawn of the Dead, Halloween: Resurrection (I know, I know — it sucks), and Shaun of the Dead for, oh, the thousandth time or so. (Awesome — SotD’s official site is still active.) I also watched most of the special features for DotD and SotD, which provided impressive insight into the special effects and makeup involved. Tomorrow night I’ll be going to Regal’s Halloween 4 & 5 Double Feature. Because I haven’t been jumpy and twitchy enough these last several days.

For horror’s sake, check out:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for bed. While I continue watching Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood on AMC.

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