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Photoblogging: A Book of Memories

This is the beautiful hardbound book my aunt-in-law sent Coraline commemorating her meeting her Great-Grandma Lee for the first time. We think Coraline will grow to love this book as much as we already do.

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Photoblogging: Angry Face

You won't like Cora when she's mad.

I asked Coraline to show me her angry face, which first made an appearance last Wednesday (7/3/13). I see this as a somewhat frightening glimpse of the headstrong teenager she is going to be. God help Rich and I. (Photo taken 7/5/13)

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Photoblogging: Arches & Pendants

Courthouse arches

After Rich's birthday brunch on Sunday, we walked around downtown and ended up at the Old Courthouse. I loved the arches in this particular alcove. And they might not look like it, but those pendant lights are enormous. (taken 2/24/13)


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Photoblogging: A Chilly Day in the Park

While in Columbus last week, Rich, Coraline, our friend Chris, and I did a bit of sightseeing and ended up in the lovely Topiary Park near where Rich and Chris used to live while in college. Here are a few shots from that cold, windy, fun day (2/11/13). I can’t wait to see it in warmer weather when everything is in bloom.


The plaque describing Georges Seurat's famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

A shot of the park mirroring the image etched on the plaque


The reeds along the shore of the partially frozen lake

Coraline and her poppa in the park

Coraline stands on the "magic" square to the left of the plaque, which supposedly provides the best view of the park as depicted on the plaque. She would have run around all day there if we'd let her.

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Photoblogging: Princess Coraline

A couple weeks ago on my day working from home, my schedule opened up enough that I told Coraline we could go visit her poppa at work over lunch. She surprised — and thrilled — me when she said, “I want to dress like a princess for Poppa.” We chose the beautiful black-and-white polka-dot dress (and matching sunglasses) her Titi K gave her for Christmas, white tights, and Coraline’s black sequined slip-on shoes. I styled her hair (as best I could) in a top-knot, which Coraline deemed worthy of calling “princess hair.” She couldn’t wait to grab one of her tiaras out of her toy bin, reminding me that princesses wear crowns. She had to look extra special for her dad, of course. She then melted my heart when I finished putting the tiara on her hair and looked at me and said, “I’m beautiful!” Yes you are, sweetie. Yes you are.

Princess Coraline & Caleb

Caleb inspects Coraline, who he thinks looks like a princess every day.

Princess Coraline & stroller

Princess Coraline races down the hall after getting all gussied up.

Princess Coraline closeup

Coraline beams at the thought of her poppa seeing her all dressed up.

Princess Coraline smiling

Coraline hooks her stroller over her arm, ready to go at last. Because of course Baby Miranda went with us.

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Photoblogging: Tiger Baby

My cute, cuddly tiger spent most of last night vomiting, so I thought I'd post a pic of her that will cheer her up when she sees it today (taken 9/9/12).

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Shiny & New

This is my family’s New Year Baby: My new niece, Sabrina Irene, was born on December 21, 2012, just in time for Christmas and the new year. My whole family is in love with her, particularly big cousin Coraline (going in for yet another kiss in the second photo).

Here’s to a wonderful, happy, healthy, prosperous, relatively sane 2013 for us all. Happy new year!


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Halloween 2012: Family Costume

The Doctor Who family

Happy Halloween from Sarah Jane Smith, (the fourth) Doctor Who, and the TARDIS!


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Photoblogging: Warmer Days

Coraline swinging

Now that bona-fide cold weather has moved in, I will cling to the memory of warm days spent in the park with my two favorite people (photo taken 9/16/12).


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Photoblogging: My Birthday, My Little Girl

Even though I took today off from work for my birthday, the best part of my day was the time I spent with my sweet little girl. (The time spent with my special guy wasn't too shabby, either.)


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