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Back in the Saddle

Song Lyric of the Day:

These are crazy days but they make me shine / Time keeps rolling by / All around the world, you’ve got to spread the word / Tell them what you heard / We’re gonna make a better day

Oasis / “All Around the World

The saying is true: You need a vacation from vacation. After just over a week home, we’re all finally getting back in the groove of things. When I say all of us, I’m including the cats and dogs in that. Caleb and Snoops are still recovering from days on end of playing with cousins and chasing cats, respectively, while the cats are thrilled to have us (okay, me) around again.

Rich and I are back on the fitness wagon, doing our best to stay faithful to our individual workout regimens. I’m starting to blog again. I got the first set of vacation photos uploaded to Flickr. I backed my laptop up and finally installed Mac OS X Leopard. I’m gearing up for my annual email blitzes to raise funds for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life (donate here). I finally made Brent his welcome home lasagna. And, to top it off, I went on an organizational bender this weekend the likes of which would’ve made your head spin.

Which is why I’m already looking forward to the weekend. I need to catch up on sleeping in.

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