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Back to Work

Song Lyric of the Day:

You’re always clickin’ and pointin’ / Pointin’ and clickin’ / And clickin’ that thing forever

Today was my first day back at work since I’m no longer on bedrest. After 13 days of not working (not including weekends), I am exhausted. Having lived on the couch (or Command Central as I was calling it) for the last two weeks, getting back into the daily grind wore me out. The workday itself wasn’t too stressful, which was great, although it being a Monday my laptop was disagreeable, to say the least. I think it got used to not working, too.

My workday was almost a half day as I had a doctor’s appointment — yes, another one — this afternoon. Coraline was sleepy during the non-stress test, so they gave me ice-cold water and crackers to try to wake her up. She responded by trying to kick the sensors off my stomach. Kid does not like having her sleep disturbed, just like her mother. And yet another ultrasound technician commented on Cora’s full head of dark hair. At this point, I expect to be able to braid her hair as soon as she comes out.

I’ll keep this short as I am (1) very tired and (2) need to do something productive so I don’t fall asleep too early. I’ll try to get back into regular posts this week. And by regular I mean before dinnertime.

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