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Happy New Year!

Song Lyric of the Day:

If I ever leave this world alive / I’ll thank ya for the things you did in my life / If I ever leave this world alive / I’ll come back down and sit beside your feet tonight / Where ever I am you’ll always be / More than just a memory / If I ever leave this world alive

Flogging Molly
/ “If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe it’s now 2008. God, I’m old. After a great last night of 2007 with Caren, her boyfriend, and Rich, I had a great first day of 2008. I saw P.S. I Love You with my sisters (and cried through the whole thing – go see it!), told Rich how much I love him (on account of feeling incredibly sentimental today; see: P.S. I Love You), got a hug from my mommy, and was productive around the house. Oh, and I once again hit Steve & Barry’s – they still have the everything-in-the-store-is-$8.98 sale going on. Today $58 bought me a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis, a pair of track pants (for house lounging), a long-sleeve Henley shirt (also for house lounging), a beautiful crocheted scarf, and a black quilted light jacket. Not too shabby.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of making new year resolutions that will hopefully not be broken too soon (if at all), here goes. This year, I will do my best to:

  • Get back in shape
  • Swear a lot less, if at all (this is a perennial on account of my potty mouth being an inherited trait)
  • Write at least a paragraph of my book every day (that way I can feel that much more accomplished when I churn out a page or more), which will help me to
  • Finish another chapter of my book so Rich can pony up that Pottery Barn desk he promised me
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Be more tolerant, patient, and forgiving (also a perennial)
  • Create and stick to a budget
  • Journal every day
  • Cut way down on fast food, including not value/up/biggie sizing it
  • Get a lot more organized when it comes to house paperwork (so many things to file…)
  • Take at least one photo a day
  • Save up and buy that digital SLR I dream of, which will help me to
  • Take a photography course
  • Set up an Etsy shop for my photos
  • Read a lot more books
  • Whittle down the towers of magazine piles I have all over the house
  • Finish home improvement projects we’ve had in limbo forever
  • Clean Mo (my Xterra) so he once again gleams like the top of the Chrysler Building
  • Work up the nerve and make the time to be a Big Sister
  • Try at least one new recipe a month
  • Attend at least one film festival (I’m eyeing Tribeca or Toronto)
  • Buy a mountain bike so I can enjoy rides with the hubby
  • Punch up my wardrobe (now approximately 25% from Steve & Barry’s)
  • Wear skirts and dresses outside of special/formal occasions
  • Be a better person all around
  • Bonus resolution: finish the year-end blog posts I started and abandoned the last few days on account of enjoying my vacation so much

Best of luck with your own resolutions, and here’s to a great 2008!

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Things That Made Me Smile Today

Song Lyric of the Day:

I gotta see what’s up before it gets me down / It’s this thing now, that’s drivin’ me wild / I gotta see what’s up before it gets me down / No it’s not a mystery, it’s everything

Common featuring Lily Allen / “Drivin’ Me Wild

I won’t lie — I’ve been in a really bad mood the last few days, ever since unexpectedly running into the worst person I’ve ever known in my life. (I imagine Hell has put out an APB on this individual since surely they’ve noticed by now that such a high-ranking minion is AWOL.)

So here are a few things that made me feel a bit better today.

Catching up on Damages over lunch today (two more eps and I’m up to the finale). Love that show. I don’t care what anyone says — Rose Byrne was the perfect choice to hold her own against Glenn Close. And the twists? Yowza. No one can accuse FX of not knowing what makes for good drama. If only I could find the title sequence online; the images and music really are a perfect fit for the very dark tone of the show. (You can check out the theme song lyrics here.)

Putting the dog costume’s Yoda headpiece on both of the dogs in turn. Hilarity ensued. But now I’m thinking Snoops should be Princess Leia for Halloween. If only her little brother wasn’t such an idiot when in his sage costume.

The prettiness that is Gerard Butler. I think all women should have a gander at PhotoShopping themselves into the Hilary Swank position. Carry it around in their wallets just so they can open it up occasionally and look at some happy.

The awesome song and video for “Drivin’ Me Wild” with Common and Lily Allen. One of my current favorites.

Confirming a movie date with my friend to see The Bourne Ultimatum tomorrow night, since we’re both native New Yorkers, fans of the series, and have never seen a Bourne movie on the big screen. Have to go while we still can.

The knowledge that no matter what, Satan’s favorite minion will always be fatter than me.

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