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Flying High on My Birthday

Song Lyric of the Day:

My thoughts are with you / Holding hands with your heart to see you

Earth, Wind & Fire / “September

It’s 2:56AM and I’m wrapping up the last of my packing before I go wait for the car that’s going to take me to the airport. My last movie here at TIFF was the fun, scary, exciting Solomon Kane. Definitely one worth seeing on the big screen, in no small part because of the lovely James Purefoy. Me: Hi. I loved the movie. It was great. JP (smiling): Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Me: Can I trouble you for a photo? Today’s my birthday. JP: Oh, I bet you say that to all the boys.

Me (jokingly): I can show you my license if you don’t believe me.

JP (laughing): That’s not necessary. Of course you can. And happy birthday to you.*

James Purefoy and yours truly. And notice I don’t look like the Puerto Rican Casper.

And as lovely, talented, and friendly as Mr. Purefoy is, today the boy I’m most excited to see is the blue-eyed one waiting for me at home. And I can’t wait.

I’m home. And, lord, is it nice to be back. I’d forgotten how wonderfully soft my slippers are, and it was great sleeping in my own bed again. I got into bed approximately 23 1/2 hours after I woke up for the last time in my hotel yesterday. To say I was tired was an understatement. Sure, I didn’t need to pull an all-nighter to squeeze in one more Midnight Madness film, but it was absolutely worth it to see my new friends one last time, enjoy a fun fantasy movie, and, well, look at that picture above of me with James Purefoy. When’s that going to happen again, right?

Now I’m upstairs, watching my puppy chewing on a bone. I think he’s a bit ticked off at me, which is to be expected. I suspect Troubadour will forgive me later tonight, though, when I sit in his favorite corner of the couch with him. And when I bribe him with the new squeaky, stretchy gecko toy I brought him as a souvenir.

I’ll try to post my rundown of all the movies I saw in the next day or so. I saw so many movies that I’ll have to pull out all my ticket stubs to refresh my memory. That’s the way it should be after your first film festival, right?

And before I forget, thanks so very much to everyone who left birthday wishes on my Facebook wall. It’s been a great birthday so far, indeed.

*OMG, James Purefoy wished me a happy birthday!

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