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The Best Thing About Work Today

Song Lyric of the Day:

I’d buy you Rogaine if you start losing all your hair / Sew on patches to all you tear

Ingrid Michaelson / “The Way I Am

Aside from job security, one of the best things about work is the perks we get to enjoy. Sometimes we get swag. We have TVs on our desks. Every now and then we get to enjoy an ice cream social or a breakfast. A few months ago we got to meet Clive Pearse, host of Design Star and a really nice guy. Today, however, took the cake in that we got to meet the fantabulously head-suited Carter Oosterhouse, host of HGTV’s Carter Can.

Nary a male was in sight when I arrived at the building along with two co-workers. Which was not remotely surprising. I mean, look at the man. He’s gorgeous and, it turns out, tall as a tree. When it was my turn to meet Carter, I started to get a bit nervous, but quickly got back on track when he shook my hand, asked me how I was, thanked me for coming out, and asked me what I do. I’m pretty sure I was momentarily hypnotized. He autographed a photo for me, after which I asked him if he’d also sign one for my mom, to which he replied that he’d be glad to (gotta look out for Ma).

As he was autographing the second photo, he looked at me again and asked, “Can I ask what your background is?”

“You mean like my ethnicity?”


“I’m Puerto Rican and Mexican.”

“Neat. My mother’s Mexican. Her maiden name is Lopez.”

“Carter, you just made my mother’s day.”

He then wrapped an arm around me and we smiled for the camera*, posing in front of the large Christmas tree behind us. Then I floated away, giddy and ready to finish working for the day. Exactly like every other woman that met him today.

*I hope to receive my photo tomorrow.

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