Is It Friday Yet?

Song Lyric of the Day:

I see a sunbeam comin’ down / I know it’s you by your footsteps on the ground

Oy vey, this has been such a long week. Not long in a bad sense but long in a busy sense. Work’s been super busy, which is good since it makes the days go quickly (not to mention job security), but I’ve been popping antacids like they’re candy as a result. Stress and I go together like Charlie Sheen and hookers: It’s inevitable and will eventually put one of us in the hospital. I was also stressing about last night’s Relay for Life 2011 Kickoff at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, which is a big deal for raising awareness of and generating interest in our community events. It went great and now I can focus my Relay efforts on fundraising (donate to me here), but I wish I could’ve helped with the setup more than I was able to. Work has to come first, though. Gotta keep that leaky roof over our heads.

The rotunda in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Now that it’s the weekend I can try to relax a bit and focus on spending time with Coraline and maybe — finally — getting some of the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken of her since her birth added to my Flickr albums. Don’t hold your breath, though. My intentions are like my attention span right now: fleeting (Squirrel!).

Really, I’ll just be happy to get some sleep.

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