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Maybe next year I’ll have no time / To think about the questions to address / Am I the one to try to stop the fire?

Baby on the Mend

Coraline’s doctor gave her the all-clear at her recheck last Tuesday, so we were able to discontinue the nebulizer treatments. And there was much rejoicing (yay!). She had her six-month checkup yesterday and it went really well (despite the two shots). Her doctor reassured me that we had dodged a bullet — he said most of the babies he’s seen with RSV this year had to be admitted to the hospital. Coraline weighed in at 15.9 pounds, having lost a little weight while sick, and measured 25 1/2 inches long. She’s essentially in the 50th percentile across the board. There’s something to be said for having a healthy, perfectly average-sized baby.

Hello, Insomnia My Old Friend
My insomnia’s back. Thanks to having had a sick baby, recovering from and fighting off more illness myself, trying to resolve our leaky roof issue (we’re thisclose to a new roof!), and some serious personal crap, I’m sleeping less and less each night. Even with Coraline now healthy (and myself), worrying about her really took a toll on me. Add to that the other stressors I’ve been dealing with on a daily basis and I’m back to not being able to quiet my mind when I need to sleep. Most nights I can fall asleep pretty easily; I just can’t stay asleep. At this point I’m certain that if the stress doesn’t kill me, the exhaustion will.

The Roof Over Our Head
We’ve been dealing with a leaky roof for some time now. Personally, I’ve grown quite fond of the living room rain bucket. It adds a certain je ne sais quoi to our decor. And when we’ve moved it on good, dry-weather days, our cat Finn has enjoyed playing slip and slide on the towel the bucket sits on; she’s gotten quite good at sliding halfway across the living room on that towel. Well, we finally had the roofer we like come out and give us an estimate on just doing a repair on the leaky part over the living room. When our insurance company sent out an adjuster to substantiate our claim for the repair, she ended up looking over our whole roof and declaring that it was in serious need of repair and that insurance would be covering some of it (ha — I made a pun!). So instead of just getting a much-needed repair, we’ll be getting a much-needed new roof. Thank God for insurance, right?

Timothy Olyphant Is Hot
I’m finally catching up on all the episodes of Justified I have on our DVR. Not only is it a great show (you were right, Frank), but Timothy Olyphant is really easy on the eyes. That is all.

My Husband Rocks
If it weren’t for Rich, I really don’t know how I would’ve made it through some of the stuff we’ve gone through as a family recently. He’s been my rock through it all, and for that I am eternally grateful. Add in the fact that he’s an amazing father to Miss Baby, and that makes me one seriously lucky woman.


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3 Responses to Some Randomosity

  1. rich lee

    I'm happy to be your rock, baby. I would however like to be a good stone for skipping. Can that be arranged? 🙂

  2. momma carol

    Sorry to hear about the insomnia! Quieting the mind is a problem we have in common. Some people seem to do it so easily. Supposedly cognitive therapy is good for it, but I think some of us just struggle with these type issues no matter what. I hope maybe it will pass for you before long. You probably aren't able to get much time for exercise either. If that could be worked in it surely couldn't hurt.

    Happy about the insurance help that you'll be getting! Agreed that Rich is a real trouper as a Daddy. Got some cute photos of the three of u the other eve. Enjoyed the time! Love you, momma carol

  3. pattie74

    Yeah, these days I'm really missing how well/easily I slept when pregnant. Hopefully I can at least get back on the exercise train starting this weekend.

    Thank God for insurance. 🙂 Glad you got some good pics the other day. Love you too!

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