Last week I was planning on blogging about Christmas starting this week, then the Sandy Hook tragedy happened. I, like the rest of the world, am thinking of and praying for everyone in Newtown, Conn., whose lives were cut too short, those left behind, and everyone affected by this tragedy. They are not alone in their unfathomable grief. Hug your babies today, and every day.

Image courtesy of KGO Bay Area ABC 7 News


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  1. Miss A

    I am horrified and in tears. Today on the subway this little red head girl, no more than 5 walks in with her dad and starts talking to everyone. And for the first time in a very long time, the entire subway car was engrossed in the conversation of a child. I was amused, I was also very sad and I left with tears. I’m crying as I write this. It’s just unbearable, that violence. As if death itself wasn’t cruel enough, but the violence the fear. Those babies.

    • administrator

      :-(. I can only imagine that train car full of people, all of them paying attention to that little girl. I’m crying again just thinking about that scene and the school tragedy. God help us all.

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