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Father’s Day Weekend Wrapup

Song Lyric of the Day:

You can’t fool me / I saw you when you came out / You got your momma’s taste / But you got my mouth / You will always have a part of me / Nobody else is ever gonna see

Ben Folds / “Gracie

Bear with me if I start rambling. It’s been a lonnng weekend.

Rich, the furkids, and I survived the move this weekend. We had a great moving crew, as well as the support of our parents, who all took turns directing furniture to rooms, starting on small home improvement projects, making sure the moving crew stayed well hydrated, and that we (particularly yours truly) were fed and also well hydrated. Now we’re excited to start unpacking. It feels like opening every box is a treasure hunt at this point. I was so happy to find my glasses last night you would’ve thought I’d won the lottery. It’s pretty hard to read* without your contacts when you can’t find your glasses and have to hold the book about 8 centimeters from your face to try and make sense of those blurry, vaguely word-shaped thingamabobs on the page. I looked like Mr. Magoo‘s long-lost daughter Saturday night.

Yesterday being Father’s Day and our first post-move day, we made a point of taking it easy. We woke up at noon having had almost no sleep since Friday, although I think the last night Rich slept was Thursday night. We ran some errands and swung by both parents’ houses to give our dads hugs, cards, and gifts and to thank them again for their help on Saturday. After that I dropped Rich off at the new house so he could nap or relax, and I swung by the A-frame to pick up a few things. After helping me unload the car, I treated him to a Father’s Day dinner at Wasabi where we talked about how excited we are to meet Bundle and wondered what she’ll be like, what she’ll be interested in, who she’ll take after, and whether or not she’ll like sushi — she doesn’t know it yet, but she has a date in the future where her daddy is going to take her out for sushi. I look forward to hearing how that date goes.

Not only is Bundle very lucky that Rich is her daddy (he has such plans for her), but he and I are also very lucky to have the dads that we do. I wrote a bit about mine a while back, and I hope my father-in-law knows how much I love him, too. I can’t wait to see them meet their granddaughter in a few months.

*Currently reading My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares.

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