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Soon I’ll Hear a Symphony …

Song Lyric of the Day:

A thousand violins fill the air

The Supremes / “I Hear a Symphony

Always one to put the “pro” in procrastinate, it’s belatedly that I thank my fellow local bloggers for bringing tonight’s KSO Bloggers’ Night event to my attention. That’s right — in exchange for agreeing to blog about our concertgoing experience, local bloggers were given free tickets to tonight’s Knoxville Symphony Orchestra performance of music by Bach, Mozart, and Mendelssohn.

An avid Twitterer (thanks to slightlypale), I first read about tonight’s event on DJuggler’s Twitter page, where he in turn linked it back to Frank Murphy’s blog, where he originally announced it. (Frank’s post was also referenced by Shots Across the Bow.) I imagine I’ll run into at least a couple of the bloggers I was lucky enough to meet in person a while back: DJuggler (aka Doug of Reality Me); his wife Cathy of Domestic Psychology; LissaKay of Oh … Really; her fiance Rich of Shots Across the Bow; Glenn of Instapundit; and his wife Dr. Helen. Got all that?

Hopefully I’ll be able to put some faces to or finally meet some other locals in person. I’m curious as to which bloggers whose blogs I read might go. Tish of The Kat House? The Modern Gal? Katie Allison Granju? Michael of No Silence Here? Any of the gang over at The Sunsphere Is Not a Wigshop? Anyone from Knoxify? At least it looks like Byron from Knoxville Trivia Blog, Jason. For the Love of God, and Frank Murphy will be there.

Regardless of who I do or don’t see tonight, Rich and I are really looking forward to the concert — time to get our culture on. And the fact that it’s in the gorgeous, historic Tennessee Theatre is just the icing on the cake. (Albeit a freezing-cold cake on account of a projected low of 6 degrees tonight.)

A shot I took of the balcony in the Tennessee Theatre. See? Gorgeous!


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