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My Happy for the Day: "Sweet Disposition"

The first time I heard “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap, I was mesmerized. Listening to singer Dougy Mandagi’s angelic voice, I fell in love with the song; it didn’t hurt that his voice reminds me a bit of the late, great Jeff Buckley‘s. Dougy’s voice, the lyrics, the beautiful music — they all add up to this wonderfully sweet, deceptively simple song that thrills me each time I hear it. The lyrics are barebones and straightforward, yet they manage to convey so much about the moments we cherish and are impacted by throughout our lives, making it instantly relatable — an impressive songwriting feat. Listening to this beautiful song simply makes my heart sing.

Sweet disposition / Never too soon / Oh, reckless abandon / Like no one’s watching you

A moment, a love / A dream aloud / A kiss, a cry / Our rights, our wrongs / A moment, a love / A dream aloud / A moment, a love / A dream aloud

So stay there / Because I’ll be coming over / And while our blood’s still young / It’s so young / It runs / And we won’t stop until it’s over / Won’t stop to surrender

Songs of desperation / I played them for you / A moment, a love / A dream aloud / A kiss, a cry / Our rights, our wrongs / A moment, a love / A dream, aloud / A moment, a love / A dream aloud

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Bundle’s Got a Brand-New Name

Song Lyric of the Day:

A moment, a love / A dream aloud / A kiss, a cry / Our rights, our wrongs / A moment, a love / A dream aloud

Temper Trap
/ “Sweet Disposition

As the 19 of you who bother reading my blog (thanks! and see what I did? I added one) know, Rich and I are expecting a baby girl late this summer. We’ve been calling her Bundle almost from the get-go. We couldn’t quite agree on names (see that last link) and had to call her something. So Bundle it was.

Finally, last Sunday, as we crawled around our A-frame removing staples from the finished hardwood floor, we decided on her name: Coraline Olivia. (We’re already calling her Cora.) Of all the names we’d bandied about, it was the one it turns out we both kept coming back to. And the next day, after work, we had our 3-D ultrasound and got to see her face for the first time:

Playing “Where’s the Baby”

Practicing making the “loser” sign while also showing her love for Glee

Still playing “Where’s the Baby”

Throwing down some baby gang signs

Alright, Mr. Demille, I”m ready for my closeup.

And waving goodbye when she’d had enough

We were thrilled to see her waving around and opening and closing her mouth. I laughed at how her nose looks like Rich’s, although it looks like she needs to grow into it. We both laughed when I asked the technician to zoom in on Cora’s little feet only to see Cora reach down and grab her foot as if she were showing off. And we are now even more in love with this little girl, who we cannot wait to meet.

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