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Song Lyric of the Day:

Little Red Riding Hood was followed / Little Red Riding Hood’s / Grandmother was swallowed / Sleeping Beauty got sick / From her stepmom’s wicked trick / It’s not nice / She ate the apple slice / The dwarfs put her on ice

Sunny & Share Love You / “You Gotta Suffer a Lot to Be Happy“*

I somehow managed to blog pretty frequently throughout my vacation, but the second I got home? Coma time! I got home Thursday morning, showered, and fell into bed around 10:45AM. I didn’t wake up until 5PM. Back in bed for the night at 11PM, which is earlier than I go to bed on worknights, and I didn’t crawl out again until 1PM Friday afternoon. Made it upstairs to the couch, where I passed out again around 4:30PM. I obviously missed out on the party animal gene. That, and going non-stop for a full week running around Toronto wore me the hell out. Totally worth it, though.

I came home before the end of TIFF to celebrate my birthday with the spouse, and he not only treated me to a lovely dinner (in spite of an absentee waiter) at Naples Italian Restaurant, followed by dessert at Cafe 4 (because of said absentee waiter, we skipped dessert at Naples) but got me some kick-ass gifts, too. After weeks of me going on and on about wanting the new Kings of Leon album, Only By the Night, Rich gave me that CD as well as two others by the KoL. He also gave me my first digital picture frame, which I’m very excited about. No idea what photos I’m going to load on it, though, since I take pictures of everything. And the big gift: my very own bike. It’s been years since I had a bike, so I’m looking forward to biking around with Rich. We’ll be picking up my training wheels next weekend. (Thanks also to the family for my awesome DVD box sets and Best Buy gift cards.)

Saturday Rich and I met up with my family at Market Square for the Hola Festival. Much fun and empanadas was had by all. OK, I’m the one who had the empanadas. Those things are like crack. Tasty, tasty, deep-fried and meat-filled crack. Once we got home, you guessed it — I took a nap. I’ve been feeling much livelier since yesterday, although my first day back at work was lonnnnnng.

Later on this week, I’ll be writing mini-reviews on all the movies I saw at the Toronto International Film Festival. I just need to gather all my ticket stubs to refresh my memory. So … many … movies. In the meantime, I’ll post a Tuesday 10 list tomorrow morning relating to my experiences at TIFF. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a seriously pissed-off puppy whose forgiveness I’m trying to earn. Seems leaving my furbaby for a week did not sit well with El Troubacabra.

*Fantastic song featured during the closing credits of the Hung episode, “The Rita Flower or The Indelible Stench.”

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