My First Blogging Anniversary OR 50 More Things About Me and 10 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

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Well, I’ve been blogging for exactly one year today. I’ve had fun using my blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, rave/rant about TV and movies, and generally write about whatever I feel like. I’m planning a stand-alone site so that I can break my posts down by category, including topics (TV, movie reviews), lists, song lyrics of the day, and so on. I’m not sure how long before the new site will roll around; hopefully it’ll happen in the next few weeks. (Note to Rich: I’m gonna need your help, baby).

In honor of my blogging anniversary, I’ve decided to compile a couple of lists, mostly to one-up Jonathan. So without further ado, here goes:

50 More Things About Me

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
  2. I can program myself to dream about certain things.
  3. One of my favorite comfort foods is buffalo chicken tenders because it’s fried and has a wonderful clearing effect on my sinuses.
  4. I’m enjoying being unemployed since it gives me time to do house projects, meet family and friends for lunch, and sleep in.
  5. I am very grateful to Rich for supporting us during my unemployment. (You’re my peeps, babe).
  6. The only time I’ve had an overwhelming urge to have a baby was when I found out my mom had breast cancer so she could have a grandchild.
  7. When I got married, I threatened to dress my cats up in doll clothes and send the pictures to my parents and in-laws if they harassed us about starting a family. It’s worked for five years now.
  8. I haven’t watched “When Harry Met Sally” since moving home to Tennessee in May, my longest dry stretch ever.
  9. I still can’t find anyone to play “The Simpsons” trivia against me.
  10. My grandmother haunted me. She hid my rosary in a box of movie button pins and turned a light in our living room off and on.
  11. I think Hollywood is just about out of fresh ideas for movies.
  12. In restaurants, I’ve taken to ordering a loaded baked potato instead of fries because it makes me feel like I’m picking a healthier, non-fried option.
  13. I do better at Scrabble since doing daily online crossword puzzles.
  14. I finally found an effective hair styling product that controls frizz without weighing my hair down.
  15. I can’t believe the Houston Astros, my World Series backup team, lost. Congrats to the ChiSox, though.
  16. I would visit New York City and Las Vegas every month if I could afford it. And if Rich would let me.
  17. I miss my therapist in Virginia Beach. I need to write her a letter.
  18. My therapist told me she thought I was fascinating. I can only hope she didn’t mean in a clinical study kind of way.
  19. I love picking out clothes for Rich.
  20. I have no idea how to tie a men’s tie.
  21. Now that it’s cold out, I miss being able to be in a shirt and undies around the house.
  22. I will give Rich a pass on one of his fantasy women if he gives me a pass on Wentworth Miller. You know, because we both have a chance in he!! with them.
  23. On a catamaran excursion during our honeymoon, I told Rich that if the boat started to sink, to first save my Minolta SLR and then save me. He disagreed with my priorities.
  24. If I ever get drunk enough or offered enough money to try karaoke, I’d like to cover Bree Sharp‘s song, “David Duchovny.”
  25. I think my friend, Tamara, resembles Geena Davis.
  26. I wanted to be a veterinarian until I found out I’d have to put animals to sleep.
  27. I quit ballet because I was lazy and Mom still loves to reminds me of that fact.
  28. I love not having to pay to see movies now that I’m back in Knoxville. “Land of the Dead” was an exception for Jonathan’s birthday.
  29. The most interesting thing on “Desperate Housewives” this season is Marcia Cross‘s immobilized forehead. It’s mesmerizing.
  30. I’m still disappointed our country reelected our president.
  31. I’m a Democrat, but if Rudy Giuliani were to run for president against Hillary Clinton, I’d vote for Giuliani.
  32. I can watch TV shows about autopsies with no problem but shows featuring surgeries on live people make me sick.
  33. I want to have my very own photography show since Rich’s work is being featured in an art show next Friday. Color me jealous.
  34. I often have a recurring nightmare when I first fall asleep where I am in a horrible car accident.
  35. I wish I could have competed on VH1‘s Rock & Roll Jeopardy before it got cancelled. I would’ve cleaned up.
  36. I once wrote to a New York Daily News columnist I liked to correct him for mistakenly referring to “Forget Paris” as a Meg Ryan movie when it was actually “French Kiss.” He wrote a nice email back thanking me for my “gentle correction.”
  37. I’ve probably listened to the new Franz Ferdinand CD about a dozen times since buying it two days ago. It’s just so much fun to listen to.
  38. I have to clean the house so it’s spotless before Rich and I travel in case something happens to us and people discover we lived like slobs.
  39. My parents had to take me to see the original “Star Wars” numerous times because I wanted Chewbacca for a pet. I came out crying every time.
  40. I have never blamed my parents for anything except bad sinuses.
  41. I would love to meet Sandra Bullock. She seems unusually down-to-earth and normal for a celebrity.
  42. I’m afraid to touch the leatherbound “Lord of the Rings” books I gave Rich. I’ll have to read paperback editions.
  43. As a child, I used to cut my cat, Morris’s, whiskers off with my safety scissors. I always got caught by my parents before I’d finished, so poor Morris would have one side of stubble and one side of full whiskers.
  44. I like hearing Rich call our pets by nicknames I’ve given them.
  45. I always say “bless you” when one of my cats or dogs sneeze.
  46. I can totally see why my sister, Vanessa, likes to have her picture taken with New York’s finest. Officer Montpetit, we hardly got to know ya.
  47. My calico cat enjoys when I sing along with Sheryl Crow. I think she appreciates the lyrics.
  48. My sister Samantha does a dead-on Stewie Griffin impression that kills me.
  49. I am always the last one at the table on Thanksgiving. I would eat the whole turkey myself if my family let me. Mmm…turkey.
  50. I enjoy writing lists. As if you hadn’t noticed.

10 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

  1. It takes a lot of motivation to frequently update.
  2. I have occasionally not updated simply because I couldn’t decide on a song lyric of the day.
  3. I really, really, really like getting comments, from people I know as well as strangers, simply because I need the validation.
  4. The more I write about pop culture things (ie: fantasy second husbands, TV, movies, etc.), the more visitors I get.
  5. I still don’t have the urge to get ultra-personal in my blog. I’ll save the truly juicy stuff for a book someday. And an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  6. A goal during my first year of blogging was to never use the same band twice for song lyrics of the day and to avoid using remakes. I’ll still limit it, but now I can use Coldplay lyrics ad nauseam, among others.
  7. The blogosphere is a very welcoming, supportive community.
  8. MetroDad and Dooce make me laugh out loud.
  9. I’ve created a blogging monster in Jonathan.
  10. I now need to start making money doing this.


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