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Believing in nothing / Makes life so boring / So let’s pray for something / To feel good in the morning

Garbage / “Parade”

Well, it’s finally here. Election eve is upon us. I will be voting first thing tomorrow morning, to make my voice heard and hopefully help usher in a new president. For once, I think the press has it right — this definitely the biggest election in recent memory. Certainly in my lifetime.

I’ve been a news junkie since I was little. I have my mother to thank for that, since ABC News was always, and I mean always, on during dinner. So it’s only natural that I check major news websites repeatedly throughout the day. In checking them again on my lunch break, I was not surprised by the current reports that the presidential race is deadlocked — look at how polarizing the candidates are, not to mention the issues they represent.

On the one hand, we have our incumbent president, who seems to think that all that matters is convincing the country that he is a good Christian, merely doing what the Lord tells him to do. That seems to mean it’s okay to lie to the world in order to justify going to war, destroying our education system, limiting women’s rights, and so on.

On the other hand, we have John Kerry, who I truly believe is not only painfully aware of the problems in our country, but is determined to fix them. A president’s faith does not really matter to me — that shouldn’t be his sole selling point. While it’s all well and good if he wears his faith on his sleeve, I’m more concerned with what he’s going to do for our country than with what he believes. And personally, I believe John Kerry can do a better job at this point than Bush has the last four years.

To counter the seriousness and mudslinging that will continue at least through tomorrow night, I might indulge in some silliness tonight and watch Saturday Night Live’s Presidential Bash on NBC. If you can’t beat ‘em, laugh at ‘em. Tomorrow night I’ll probably tune in to Comedy Central’s Indecision 2004 coverage. I’ll take the Daily Show news crew over the broadcast stalwarts any day.

What direction will our country be headed in tomorrow night? We’ll know soon enough. Either way, I can only hope things will get better, for all of us.

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