I’m Getting Represented, Yo

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Natasha Bedingfield / “Unwritten”

First, a disclaimer: I started writing a few posts while in New York City but due to technical difficulties, I was unable to correct and publish them until now. By technical difficulties, I refer to my Aunt Bea’s possessed laptop with ‘g’ and ‘h’ keys that refused to work. So I had to wait until I got home to plug in all the missing ‘g’s’ and ‘h’s’; I had no idea how much of an impact not being able to type those two little letters would make. Also, her ” key didn’t work. Due to the non-functioning ‘g’ and ‘h‘ keys, I had a near-impossible time finding the official website for the Guggenheim Museum. I resorted to typing in “Fuffenkeim” hoping–nay, expecting–for AOL’s search engine to return a “Did you mean Guggenheim Museum?,” Google-like response to my query. No such luck, though. I gave up that method and ended up finding a New York City Museum website with a link to the Guggenheim’s website. That’s but one of the difficulties I encountered without working ‘g’ and ‘h’ keys. And there you have it. Thanks to Lee, Carol, Shawn, and Jonnie for the comments/emails requesting updates. It’s good to know I was missed.

Now on the my big news: Several weeks ago, I submitted some photos, an application, and a list of my three acting credits to the big talent agency here in Knoxville. A few weeks later, I received an email stating that they were interested in meeting with me, but due to the holidays would contact me after the first of the year. The first of the year came and went and I started to think they’d forgotten about me. Lo and behold, two weeks ago I received another email for an interview on January 17 (last night). I went last night, not sure what to expect and nervous that I’d blow it. Turns out they’d already decided they’d like to represent me, so now my next step is to get headshots. As soon as they have my headshots, they’ll start marketing me for acting and/or modeling jobs. How neat is that? The best part is she’s going to market me for mid-20’s roles. Again, it’s wonderful to be told you look younger than you are. Also, living life basically as a prude (no drugs, no smoking, very minimal drinking) is great for the skin.

The agent complimented Rich’s photography, since the photos I submitted were all taken by him. She also complimented me on my makeup job, which was really nice to hear since I just started dabbling in makeup a couple of years ago. The first photo was the full image of my blog thumbnail with me in my black Chinese dress. The other two photos were taken by Rich for artistic reference:

Let me again thank my boy for taking the photos; he actually made me look good. He shall be allowed to ride my coattails all the way to the top (provided I actually get there). So will everyone else, provided no one royally p!sses me off. It’s a joke. Really. Haha.

And, yes, Lee, the cabana boy job will be yours if/when I make it.

I almost forgot my other big news–I finally finished my second children’s book! The family will be receiving copies in the email soon.


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6 Responses to I’m Getting Represented, Yo

  1. Anonymous


    Yeah! You’re back.

    How very exciting! About the acting. Congratulations!

    And give Rich a big hug of congratulations also!

    Love you,
    Momma Carol

  2. Jonnie

    Congrats and Good Luck, girl! Let’s hang this weekend…….seeya

  3. Anonymous

    Its about freaking time you updated!!! Again, I’m proud of you..boy would it be cool to say my sis is a “model/actress.” Good luck, love you!


  4. Anonymous

    That’s awesome… Congratulations! I have to agree with Sam on the update thingie.


  5. The Angry Soapbox

    The cabana boy will serve cool drinks to you any time. The acting news is awesome. Way to go!!


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