Coraline’s Faves: YouTube Videos

Song Lyric of the Day:

Lalalala lalalala / Elmo’s world / Lalalala lalalala / Elmo’s world / Elmo loves his goldfish / His crayons too / That’s Elmo’s Worrrlllldddd

Elmo / “Elmo’s World

Coraline has not been a big TV watcher so far — at least not at our house. While at my parents’ house, she enjoys Sesame Street, Caillou, WordWorld, and (God help me) Barney. At our house, though, she makes it about eight minutes into an episode of Olivia before losing interest. Elmo segments on Sesame Street are a whole different beast, though. I’m pretty sure she’d watch Elmo until her eyeballs fell out of her head if we’d let her. That said, Coraline’s still relatively short TV-watching attention span makes short YouTube videos perfect for her.

Here are some of Coraline’s favorite YouTube videos, the videos we curl up on the couch to watch together when she’s tired, wants to laugh, or just needs to get her Elmo fix on.

Cute, meowing kittens? Coraline likes to watch this video when she’s winding down for the night.

The Muppets. Mahna Mahna. And now you know exactly why Coraline loves this clip.

Cute, giggly Micah never fails to make Coraline laugh.

Coraline likes to watch this sweet video right before bedtime. I find it so incredibly sweet, that had I watched this while pregnant with her, I would’ve bawled like a baby.

B-I-N-G-O. And Bingo was his name-o.

Sleepy, swaying kitten = a hypnotized Coraline

This clip stars Elmo. Enough said.

This clip stars Elmo. Enough said.

This clip stars Elmo. Enough said. (Although I admit the dancing on the moon bit cracks me up.)

This clip stars Elmo. Enough said. I also enjoy this clip, but the song will be in your head for DAYS. DAYS. Consider yourself warned.


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